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Monday, 26 June 2006

Updates cum Updates(Edited)

Published by Leroy Lim under on 10:06:00 am
Before I continue with any news, there will be a update on both expiry board and the forum...

On 19/06/2006 in Earth time, a Xel'Naga ship has been found and piloted by Ancient Protoss Ressistance.Even now we are attacking it our best shot we have.

And on 26/6/2006 onwards, we will limit our website to only 10 posts, the older posts can found at the archives.

Hope you will give us our support.

Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Published by Leroy Lim under on 11:02:00 am

The world in Poreen is in chaos as warrages there with ancient dragons and
warriers, who wil emerge victorious?

Yesterday at13/06/2006, the republic counsel found the ressistance capital
on Poreen.The ressistance leader have found a way to create ancient dragons
against us and the dragons swarming at us like the the way Zergs do.

More info at the FORUM OF UNREST!!!!

Signing off
Reporter Tan

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Monday, 12 June 2006

New stuffs at your disposal!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 8:53:00 am
CLick the the title or the link at the 'Links'column to access to our new "FORUM OF UNREST"!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a real forum alright!
Don't belive me?CLick it and you will know!
Currently, the posts there are not locked so you can view it as 'Guests' but i will strongly encourage you all to register as you will locking it for only registered user useage.
Thank you!
Thursday, 8 June 2006

Ancient Warriers on the loose!!!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 9:44:00 am
I regret to tell you all that the Ancient Protoss Ressistance is back with a new leader who we had not yet identified....
He who found the ancient armour of the Protoss at Xel'Naga Temple.Now He plan to create more of this armour to unleash the great ancient army to destroy all of the republic federation,that we do not not allow,is it not?Sadly, the army he raised are not sane,thus the result of berserkers that even he himself can't control..
These army are moving around aimlessly and destroy anything they encounter.
Footnote:We strongly all travellers to avoid them if able til we know their their ful extend of power....
However,the leader of the Ressistance somehow manage to control them either throught drugs or somethings else..however the ones on the loose are not contolled thus you all must be careful

Be well
Monday, 5 June 2006

IMPORTANT!!!!!A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 10:07:00 am
With effect of 26/06/2006,
we're changing our website url to http://combineset4av.blogspot.com *
*Date subject to change so stay tune to confirm the exact date...

Yours sincerely,

I wish these companies well and we'll be partners...

Saturday, 3 June 2006

Typo error in spelling check...

Published by Marc under on 7:13:00 pm

THx for the sincere reply from Marcus...

The problem with the rule book was because of a faulty program with the 'Blogger' spelling check so As the grandmaster, I have inform the engineers to fix the problem so I sincerely apologized for the 'major' error in the book and by the way, the rule book is not completed...
Next, they replied with a page of all the errors that blogger is facing so click the link in this post to know the errors in blogger
Plz accept my apologize
Lim Leroy
P.S:I also can't upload pictures that day...
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