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Monday, 14 January 2008

Info: Frost Ops Clan

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 6:50:00 pm
Your Graphic Card has crashed, please contact your parents for more information

"Frost Ops are a band of people who are adept at ice-lightning magicks and therefore
they are enlisted into the clan."

Purpose: To recover the lost artefacts from Volma Clan.

At war with Volma clan.

Other Clans:
  • NightWatch
  • NightBane
Saturday, 12 January 2008

New sound for Blog!!!!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:43:00 pm
Sick of the Background music at this website?

Fear no more, now, you can choose what soundtrack to play that are displayed in this website.

The current one on this publishing of this post is a archive of Gundam-Seed songs. Please comment to inform me if you want a different playlist.ty

God: Worm God

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 6:08:00 pm

God of the worms, he's the god with lots of sense of humor. He was the master of fighting, thus also known as the warrior God by the worshippers of Righteous gods. During the War of Gods, he counter-attacked the Fallen gods when UnMaker slain many races made by Maker by representing the lost ones with copies of himself which created an massive army and pushed the Fallen gods to defeat.

But other than the mentioned event, Worm God wasn't active in matters of Gods War. However, he was known to protect friends when in need and doesn't like to see his friends to be bullied.

Worm God lives in Godland as neighbours of UL and Maker. His appearance is of a aged enlarged worm.

Other Gods:

Major Events:

Fallen God: UnMaker

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 5:54:00 pm

No one on the righteous gods' side has ever seen the UnMaker, but his legacy makes a formidable foe as he has the ability to un-make anything that the powerful Maker made. During the War of the Gods, races were cleansed randomly and swiftly who were found to be supporting the Righteous gods. He was forced to surrender during the war when most of his comrades fell.

He later founded the NightBane clan when he foresee the potential of the clan and he instructed the clan to carry out raids on Maker's creation, after the war, before disappearing again.

It is said that even UL never seen UnMaker face to face either, described by Maker as a invisible enemy which made things complicated during battles.

In one particular event in the war of the Gods, Maker's creation felt UnMaker's wraith when thousands of them were wiped off the face of the world and many weapons forged by Maker were destroyed. The cleansing were so powerful that it left the sentinel Guild Hall empty for 6 centuries before Maker re-made them. This ended up with NightBane having advatnge in the current time.

UnMaker was thus known as a shadowy god and most people claim UnMaker was the most scheming and evil god amonst the Fallen God. some fear UnMaker more than Malice for UnMaker had not suffered a real defeat so far.

UnMaker's location is still unknown, he was not found in MaliceLand and he's the sworn enemy of Maker.

Other gods:

Major Events:

God: Maker

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 5:39:00 pm
As his name suggests, he supposedly made the mutliverse of Combineset of today. He is known to make new races now and then. His power source has not been known til today and remains a mystery. During the War of Gods, he chose to be one the side of Righteous Gods and made elemental weapons for the supporters of the righteous gods which later bought the people in second age to war again for the possession of the legendary weapons. Maker was known to be a kind god who will make anything that anyone meets him, however if he meets the supporters of NightBane or the Fallen Gods, he will refuse the request and fights the dark creatures. Sworn enemy of UnMaker. He, like UL, lives in Godland as neighbours.

He later founded the NightWatch aka the Sentinel Clan to watch the night for corruption of evil forces.

Not much is known how long the cold war between Maker and UnMaker but it seem to be a eternity as the war is stalemate.

Other Gods:

Major Events:

Fallen God: Malice

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 5:09:00 pm

Leader of the Fallen gods, he appears as a boyish knight blandishing a Broadsword. Led his band to defeat during the War of Gods in the first era of Tribes: Lone Age. Unlike UL, he participates in battles, being a warrior in nature. Malice lives in MaliceLand. Sworn enemies of UL.

Revived by UnMaker, killed by Grandmaster Leroy. Resurrected in Third age by NightBane Clan and slain by G1 player, Johnston and/or G2 player, Marcus. Re-appeared in Fourth Age by Lord Neutral, mortally injured by G4 player, Keller. Later Slain by G1 PLayer, Jonhston. Current Status Unknown

Other Gods:

Major Events:

God: UL

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 4:57:00 pm

His full name is Universal Lord. The leader of the righteous gods. He appears as a mask that moves. He oversees the Republic council to ensure peace in the Mutliverse of Combineset. His powers are unknown as no has survived the War of the gods except the gods themselves. Not much is known about UL though, his creator is also unknown.

Sworn enemy of Malice. Lives in Godland

Other Gods:

Major events:

INFO: NightBane Clan

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 4:41:00 pm
"Masters of Darkness and Corruption, tainted creatures came to the fallen God, UnMaker for power. At first, the fallen one wanted to unmake them. But he turned them into heartless magic-wielders with terrifying powers who will turn against Maker's creations. That marked the beginning of NightBane's legacy...."

Founder: UnMaker, the fallen God
Founded during the events of "Starry blood night"
Purpose: Annihilate Maker's Creations
Leader: the Dark Prince
: Lord Neutral; Ancient Protoss Legendary King; Devil Summoner; Winter, the Lich King

Note: It is found that the NightBane clan is not very united, they're grouped into factions, each with a warlord in charge. However, the leader have the power to call for arms. Likewise for Unmaker.

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INFO: Sentinel Clan

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 4:17:00 pm

"Contrary to the belief that this clan consist of night elves, it is actually a band of life-forms that do not wish to be involved in Tribe Matters. Instead, they devoted their life to protecting lesser life-forms created by the God, Maker and guide the lesser life-forms. The clan's secondary objective is to stop the spread of the NightBane, its sworn enemy."

Founder: Maker, la God
Founded on the first day of creation
Other known names: NightWatch; la Sentinel; Maker's Guild
Purpose: Stop UnMaker's spread of influence
Members includes all types of life-forms, including devils, zergs and humans

To join:
  1. Find the Sentinel's Guild Hall
  2. Find a way in.
  3. Upon entrance, you will be immediately admitted as a member


  • Will have allies to help during need of distress.
  • More quest with various RARE items as rewards
  • Library filled with Summoning Spellbooks, consist of 13 floors(each quest completion unlock one floor)
  • Increased attack when fighting Dark and/or corrupted creatures.

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Thursday, 10 January 2008

New Monster Patch

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 3:15:00 pm
Here are the details of the new monsters, some which some of you may have seen occasionally by chance:

Elemental Spirit

"A spirit that has been magically put to life by the long forgotten God, Maker. It is royal servant of the Sentient Clan. It guards the secrets of the Sentient and bars any souls from going in."

Level: L3
Health Points: 9000/9000
Defence: 2300
Attack: 5400
Luck: 9999
Specialty: 45% Elemental Resistance to all elements
Moves: Fireball Lv3; Lightning Zap Lv3; Magic Bullet Lv4; Night shade Lv3; Earthly Touch Lv2; FrostShield

Item Drops:

  1. Magic Seed

  2. Seed of Life

  3. Fuel-Rod Cannon

  4. Amulet of Illuminate

  5. Crusader Strike[RARE](Magic Book)

  6. Key to Entrance of Sentinel's Guild

  7. Portal to Sentinel's Guild

  8. Map of Alo' la Glen

  9. Scroll of Maker's Pact

Fire Treant

"Guardians of the Burning Forest, they were actually spawned the day the forest started burning but it was just recently discovered by explorers who dared venture in. Masters of Fire Magic, it lived by the Candlelight and will only cease burning the day it is vanquished. Few survive the onslaught of a Burning Forest's Treant though"

Level: L1
Health Point: 3000/3000
Defence: 6400
Attack: 2500
Magic: 4000
Specialty: Hyper Jump
Moves: Umbrella Block; Candle Shot; Gigantic Fireball Lv3; Resurrect Lv2; Taunt Lv1; Scratch/Slash; Burning Oil

Item Drops:

  1. TNT

  2. Burning Branch of Salvation[VERY RARE]

  3. Genosis Lurge(Spellbook)

  4. Key to FireLord's Realm[3% Chance to drop]


"For centuries, the hybird of human boy and a devil(aka Magic-Man) had pretty much dominated the extraordinary skill called Magic Dodge. However, recently, the Protoss have created a nemesis of Magic-Man, named Magnet-Man, test subject #002"

Level: ???
Health Points: 10,000/10,000
Defence: 880
Attack: 950
INT: 9,999,999+++
Specailty: £££Magic Dodge£££
Moves: ShadowBall with Boomer Module[NIAI TECH] Lvl4; EnergyBall with ShieldDestroyer Module[NIAI TECH] Lvl4; Holy Touch Lvl2; Magnetic Slash Lv3; Magnetic Zap Lv2; Implode Lv4; Stare
Item Drops: UnKnown

C~S Dragon
"Assassins of the NightBane Clan, they slay enemies without mercy, without hesitations. Meeting them is like brushing with death."
Level: B3
Health Point: 13'000/90,000
Defence: 995
Attack: 1375
Speed: 9999
Specialty: Shaodw Strike (able to attack without being detected)
Moves: Sky Attack; Cloak; Tail Whip; Thorn Wave; Bite; Flaming Headbutt; Laser Beam; tri-Beam; Solar Beam; Shadow Ball; Energy Ball; Ice Breath

Item Drops:
  • Experience Orb(+10% EXP)

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Monday, 7 January 2008

Devil Island Fallen

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 6:49:00 pm

Finally, the two-month siege in the Devil Island by the DreadLords.

So what exactly happened? The republic Council had a meeting prior to the ending of the siege which most observers suspect the meeting involved the plans to invade Devil Island. Much were in question til classified information leaked form the headquarters of the Republic when it was invaded by the Resistance.

The following attached are the plans:
  1. OZ) and the Dariks will land their troops nearby Southern Devil Island to wait for the signal to attack.
  2. Meanwhile, APR will join the Dreadlords to attack the main Island(North). With APR as Gunners and Dreadlords as Melee attackers, they concluded the planned attack would be a success.
  3. Undead has appointed as Reserve Troops in the case of unexpected Counter-attack.
  4. At Dawn, the Signal will be given and the invasion will go as planned.

However, no one knows why the Protoss were not involved.

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