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Sunday, 30 November 2008

From World Of Chaos�

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 11:08:00 am

From World Of Chaos�

Chapter 7

Posted: 29 Nov 2008 06:56 AM CST

The guards got up, only to see Frederick's worried face over them. Beside him were several elite guards but they had swords instead of spears. Frederick helped the guards up and gazed at the open gate.

"What happened dear chap?" Frederick asked with worriedly.

The guards tried to maintain their posture. Given their injuries, they could barely stand. One of them, who had bloodshot eyes replied, "Two, no three people, about the age of 20, left the compounds sire. I think that they're contestants. I recognize one of them, a tall big guy. He was in one of the first matches this morning."

"They overpowered you?" asked Frederick again.

"No, we could hold them off. Only until… *cough*" the guard choked.

"Only until that blasted alchemist threw that vial containing the blood of trolls. Burned me it did." The other guard interrupted.

Frederick stood up to examine the place. He saw some scratches on the walls and floors that were most probably made by a sword. He then examined the liquid that burned one of his guards. Indeed, it was blood that belonged to the trolls. The dark blue liquid which could heal the injuries of goblins, orcs and even dragons would burn everything else. He rose and saw Samuel walking briskly towards him.

"Oh, Frederick, I am so glad I found you. Have you seen Michael? I have not seen him anywhere." Samuel asked with much anxiety.

"Well, I only saw that chap at the wards…" Something struck Frederick at that moment, "You don't suppose… Samuel old friend, have you seen that alchemist, what was his name?"

"Thomas" Samuel answered.

"Yes, that. Have you by any chance seen him as well? Oh yes, and Triton too. Have you seen both of them?"

Samuel rubbed his head and thought hard. After a few moments, he replied, "Come to think of it, I haven't seen that group at all after we left them at the ward."

Frederick's face suddenly turned pale. After glancing and the guards and Frederick's pale impression, Samuel spoke, "What happened here? It looks as though someone had a fight here."

"Someone broke out shortly before we came. Well I … I believe… How should I put this…?" Frederick hesitated for a while and said, "I believe that those three young chaps of yours are involved."


"Are you sure you know where you're going, we've been walking for hours!" complained Triton as his foot got stuck again in the swampy grounds of the wilderness. It is already dawn and yet, the swamps are still as dark as the night. The trees there were mostly dead. Those that are still living only live to watch worms eating into their barks. The only vegetation that managed to bear these harsh conditions was the blackbushes, which were not found anywhere else. The ground was hardly solid. Usually, it will squelch and purple bubbles would pop out of the ground. The stench there was putrid, but the trio had to persevere on these harsh conditions. They had already exhausted most of their supplies to the wild creatures which attacked them for food. For hours now, all of them have been walking but had not caught even a glimpse of their destination.

"Stop complaining, you big oaf. Just keep walking." replied Michael whose only possession now was his sword.

"I bet I could find a way out of this dump better than that mad scientist." commented Triton in a harsh voice.

"I'd like to see you try. I bet you will get yourself lost even if you had the map right in your face." mocked Michael who gave Triton a cheeky grin.

"Hush it you guys, there are still many wild creatures around here. You don't want to attract their attention do you?" interrupted Thomas.

Suddenly, a purple haired monkey shot out from the trees and snatched Thomas's map. Thomas barely even caught sight of it and tumbled to the ground. Triton and Michael already gave chase but were blocked by a pack of lizardmen and several giant balisks who normally dominated this swamps. The purple monkey looked back and laughed at the trios' effort, slapping his bottom at the same time.


The monkey gave a giggle at Triton, pulled a funny face and disappeared into the swamps. Triton tried to give chase but was knocked back by the scaly tail of a balisk. He rose, unsheathed his hammer and gave a loud battlecry before charging towards the creatures.

"Pretty primitive for a warrior of cybertron." commented Thomas who had just imbued Michael's sword with some sort of chemical.

Michael laughed briefly on Thomas's comment and received back his sword. He then charged towards the lizardmen who already had bows drawn and aiming at the screaming Triton who was swinging his hammer around apparently with some skill. Michael caught the lizardmen by surprise and struck the first one down with ease. He swung his sword over to the second only to be knocked over by a charging balisk. Michael fell to the ground as fear took over him. His looked up to see the balisk's dragon-like face and just as the balisk was going to dive his head into Michael's flesh, a shockwave sent the scaly creature flying.

"That was for blocking my way." shouted Triton who had already activated his cybertron seal. He continued to charge towards the lizardmen and threw his hammer which hit directly on a lizardman's face. The poor creature screamed in pain as he collapsed to the ground.

"You alright?" Triton asked Michael who nodded in return, "Then pick up your sword and fight!"

Michael paused in astonishment of Triton's fighting spirit before grabbed Triton's hand and got up. Triton handed Michael his sword and continued his onslaught amongst the lizardmen. Michael followed closely behind Triton, and now he felt a new found strength within him.

The pair fought the lizardmen fiercely. But with the help of the balisk, their foes proved formidable. Thomas, behind a cluster of trees finally found enough courage to draw his wand and aid his friends.

But just as he was to cast a spell, triton shouted, "Leave this to us, go and find your map from that bloody monkey!"

Thomas nodded and started to cast a tracking spell on immediately to locate the purple monkey's location. The seal in which he summoned morphed its pattern repeatedly until it came to a stop. He located the monkey and headed in its direction, leaving his friends to hold off the lizardmen.

Meanwhile, Triton had just smashed the skull of one lizardman with his giant hammer, sending the creature flying into the bushes. Michael, on the other hand had to parry off four attacks at a time. No longer able to call upon his seal's power, Michael felt helpless. Now, it all depended on his own physical strength whether he will be able to get out of this ordeal alive. Michael had hardly battled any foe without his seal other than his trainers who held back during his training. This was his first time in a battle where he had to rely on himself and use all that he had learnt in normal combat training.

Taking a deep breath, he tightened his grip onto his sword before decapitating one of the lizardman and thrusting his sword into another.

In the meantime, Thomas was busy chasing the purple monkey in the swamps. Once, he almost caught it, but fell into a pool of mud that was so deep he thought he was stuck. In frustration, he took out his wand to blast himself out and wanted to immobilize the purple monkey for good. But he hesitated and his conscience got the better of him. Before he knew it, he had lost the purple monkey. He sighed under his breath and casted another tracking spell.

At the same time, Triton had just silenced the balisk while Michael handled the remaining lizardmen. Victory was soon theirs but one of the lizardman took out a horn and blew into it, releasing a low and mellow sound.

"Stop him! He's calling for help!" hollered Triton who threw his hammer at that particular lizardman in anticipation. The lizardman dodged the attack but he met with Michael's blade which left the lizardman in pieces.

But it was too late. A high pitched screech was heard and almost immediately, a large green, scaly, flying lizard with eyes painted dark red burst through the bushes and seized Triton by his shoulders.

"A wyren!" exclaimed Michael who recovered from the force created by this mighty beast.

"You don't think I know that? GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" screamed Triton who was now thirty feet in the air.

Meanwhile, Thomas was still hunting the purple monkey. Thomas spotted the monkey eating berries from some purple bushes. It seemed to be their natural habitat as there were more purple monkeys there. This time, Thomas wasted no time and blasted an immobilization spell from his wand. As he drawed the map towards him using his wand, the other monkeys spotted him and started to attack. Thomas let out a cry for help and started to run as fast as he could. He was so frantic that he did not notice the giant beast atop of him.

"Let me go you overgrown iguana!" insulted Triton as he punched the beast at its talons. The wyren's skinned seemed too thick and even after numerous punches, the wyren hardly seem to notice it.

"Playing tough eh?" said Triton as he tried to reached for his dagger in his pocket. "Darn this confounded beast."

As the wyren performed a horizontal spin towards the right to avoid some once high growing trees, the dagger flew out of Triton's pocket and he almost lost it to the depths below.

Grabbing it tightly with both hands, he forced the dagger into the flesh of the beast.
"Take that! Ugly Mongrel!" screamed Triton as he pushed the dagger in deeper. Fresh red blood spurted from the wound sending the massive beast falling in pain.

The beast collapsed onto the ground just in front of Thomas, who fell in shock. After releasing Triton, the great beast took off and fled into the wilderness, screaming at the deep wound in it's talons that would probably take months to heal. Triton slowly got up and stared at Thomas's hand with the map and gave him a thumbs-up before falling back to the ground.

"Triton, are you alright?" asked Thomas worriedly.

"Just tell me we've reached where that pipsqueak wants to go…" replied Triton in exhaustion.

Just then Michael ran in from the bushes and asked, "Triton is he ok?"

"He's fine, and according to the map, our destination is not too far away. It should be just behind us…" answered Thomas, trying to make sense of the map.

"You boys looking for me?" a high-pitched cackle filled the silence of the swamps. The trio turned and somehow, behind the bushes of the purple monkeys hid a small hill, about several meters high. There atop of it, was a hut and in it was something Michael couldn't make out but was sure it was a person with a tattered robe.

Then, the person stood into the light. There stood an old woman, whose wrinkles covered her entire face. She had a crooked nose with warts all over her skin and hands which were so skinny, they were like bone. A purple monkey came to rest upon her right shoulder. She examined the trio and paid close attention to Thomas. Then she opened her mouth and spoke, "I believe so…"
Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 9:00:00 pm
  1. Removed Tags/Labels, "Gods, "Newbie", "Newbies", "Newbies' Guide"
  2. Split the post under tags/label, "Gods" into more specified tags/labels.
  3. Updated some post into correct tags/labels.
  4. Changed Website Name to Combineset IV©: Distrust
  5. Updated Links
  6. Fixed some spelling errors in old posts.
  7. Removed some tracking code that was used for website stats.
  8. Updated "Upcoming Events" Section
  9. Updated Website RSS Feeds for several name changes.
  10. Changed the way comments are posted.
  11. Added Vote support though it does not seems to appear.
  12. Changed all Tags/labels to sentence case.
  13. Added New link in "Link Highway Web" Section.

☄Sky Tear Identities,,,,,☄

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 8:31:00 pm
The two sky tears that have recently fallen to Mortal Realm has been confirmed as the two Forgotten gods, Arun and Distrust.

After reaching the Mortal Realm, the two gods are seen moving towards each other. They had landed three mountain ranges apart.

As we speak now, the great battle have commenced. Why are they fighting and whose sides do they serve?

We hope that when the battle ended, we can give you a more detailed report.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to witness the fight of the lifetime....
Sunday, 23 November 2008

Fallen God: Distrust

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 3:45:00 pm
Distrust, God of Betrayal☍

As the name implies, it is a god that favours betrayal and would strive to make it happen.

It is also called the God of Wind.

It has a appearance of a wind archon which suggest that the Ancient Protoss used to worship Distrust.

It is noted that Ancient Protoss Resistance is currently worshipping Distrust.

Disappeared before Gods War I, leaving behind the Ancient Protoss to survive on its own without a god to help.
Towards the end of Gods War II, Distrust landed on the surface of the Mortal Realm
Joined Chaos Faction.
Battled Arun, God of Justice.

Involvement with the other Fallen Gods are not confirmed.
Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 1:10:00 am
  1. Increased width of Blog to 1000px, previously was 890px.
  2. Increased width of "Words of Wisdom" to 900px from 700px.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Solve this riddle :D

Published by Leroy Lim under on 10:31:00 pm
"To reverse time" - Lord of Flames

To reverse one's time,

A feather of metal,
forged by no man,
needs to be present.

Gold that are touched by nothing,
but the darkness within,
and a organism that can tell time.

Then can the wheel of time be righted.
Sunday, 16 November 2008

☥Tainted Blood☥

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 12:49:00 pm
The Battle for GunBound City has finally ended after 1 week siege on the dark fortress that was built on the debris of the former great city.

The Order Faction won the battle ultimately even though both sides suffered great casualties.

Order Faction original intent was to lay siege and wait for the Chaos Faction to starve and allow the Order faction to achieve victory.

However, things did not happen as planned. The sky tears that have landed on the mortal realm have a great impact on Order Faction for such a great event was not prophesied by the oracles, and the Book of Prophecies stated that the Gunbound City was never destroyed, only taken from Neutral Control.

Surely this is a sign of utter chaos in this realm for this is the first time that the prophecy failed to describe as great events as this. Was it left out on purpose?

With no guidance, and with the Chaos Faction provoking the Order Faction at the doorstep of the fortification, the Order Faction launched an attack that laid waste to the Chaos Faction.

What prompted the Order Faction to change their plan ultimately?
What does the missing prophecy imply?

Perhaps it does not matter, vengeance has been made but it has not ended.

Like Grandmaster of OZ) who promised the death of Chaos Faction, starting with the claiming back of GunBound City. Armies of the Order Faction are moving in full swing.

What will happen in the next few months?
Can the
Chaos Faction prevail against all odds?
Or is it all odds?
Time will tell.....

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Complete Stats Guide

Published by Leroy Lim under on 10:13:00 pm
Updated on 12/04/2009[ETF]

Welcome, I believe by reading this, you're interested in knowing how exactly how our stats in Combineset: the game actually works. You would notice that we have never revealed in full detail how exactly the stats affect you.
Let us start with the main stats first...

Main Stats

Health Points[HP]
This the stat that tells you how much health you have. To increase this amount, you will have to train your LP level or grow to Lvl.S21 where your HP will increase to 2300.

More health allows you to survive in the battlefield longer, the moment you run out of health, you lose and die. You will be revived at a revival area(Usually Hospital) or you can wait for a NPC or other player to revive you.

New Players start with 100HP.

Life-Point Level
More Detailed info on: http://combineset.blogspot.com/2007/06/lp-level-and-how-to-increase-ones-lp.html

Training this stats will increase your Hp by 100 per level which helps you to withstand more damage from your enemies and traps in the dungeon without relying on healing.

New Players start with LP Level 0.

Armour Life
Shows the amount of damage that the equipped armour absorb before affecting HP.
Players can equip unlimited amount of armour depending on one's strength, however, only the armour that gives the highest amount of protection will be counted in the Armour Life. Other armour's effects such as enhanced stats still apply.

Most Armour gives the player a protection of 100HP. However, some special cases has been found. One example is the Holy Armour which gives 200Hp protection. What else have not been revealed? Hmm....

Amrour Life regenerate after battle.

Shield Life
Shows The amount of damage that the equipped plasma shields absorb before affecting Armour life and HP.
This practice started after the appearance of the Ancient Protoss who invented the use of Plasma Oval shield and leg & hand shields to protect their soldiers in battle.
Players can purchase a plasma oval shield at any general store.
Players will receive one pair of hand and leg shield at a certain stage.
Each equipped plasma shield increases the Shield Life by 100 unless stated otherwise.
Shield Life regenerates after battle unless stated otherwise.

Defence Rating[DEF]
The higher your defense, the lesser damage you receive from physical attacks. 1 point of defence rating will reduce damage received by one. The damage received cannot be less than 1.
Defence Rating also slightly affect the amount of damage you receive from magical attacks. 100 points of Defence Rating reduces the effect of Magical attacks by 1%.

New Players start with a defence rating of 10.

Attack Rating[ATK]
There are several misunderstanding regarding this stat. Attack Rating does not affect your average melee non-magical damage dealt to targets, Attack rating only increases your max melee damage cap. For example, if you have an attack rating of 1000, you can only deal a maximum of 1000 physical melee damage without critical strike.
Therefore, this is an important stat to train for melee attackers though it only effect your max damage cap.

New Players start with a attack rating of 10.

Demostrates how strong a player is.
This stats determines the average physical damage the player deals in a battle. Each point of STR increases average damage by 1. In the event that STR is higher than ATK(for melee), chances of critical hit will reach 100%. Therefore, for skilled melee attackers, it is important to train STR.

STR also affect the average damage dealt by range weapons.

Higher STR allows the player to equip more powerful melee and range weapons.
New Players start with a STR of 10.

This is an important stat for range-weapons attackers such as archers.
This stats works differently from its melee counterpart, unlike ATK, it does not limit your max damage cap.
Instead, it amplifies the amount of damage dealt.

For each level of Archery, increases 1% accuracy, not accounting target's dodging or block. This prevents the attacker from missing.
For every 10 level of Archery, amplifies damage dealt to enemies by 10%.
Each 20 level, increases sight of player passively by 1.

New Players start with Archery level of 1.

Luck effects several areas, as such it is harder to train this stats.

Properties, For every point of Luck:

  1. the player has 0.001% chance to evade physical attacks
  2. the player has 0.001% increased chance of critical strike unless overrode by the Strength stats.
  3. In non-combat, increased 0.01% of good things happening to the player.
  4. In non-combat, decreased 0.001% of bad things happening to the player.
  5. Increased 0.001% chance of enemy unable to cast spells.
There are various ways to train this stats:
  1. Gamble in a casino
  2. Fight creatures and do a risky thing and succeed in doing it.
  3. Buy items that enhance the user's luck.
New Players start with Luck of 10.

Speed affects a battle greatly. When a battle starts, the one with the highest speed starts first. Then the second highest speed is next in the line and so on...

Special Case #1:
In a battle. most likely 1v1 battle, when a player has a higher speed than the other player such to a extent that it more than two times of it, the player may have additional turns, depending on the differences between the two players.
For example, Player A has a speed of 450 while Player B has a speed of 900. Player B will start first and will have another extra turn as he is faster than Player A such that his speed is equal to two times of Player A's speed.
In a extreme case, a player may have 5+ extra turns so to prevent such torture to the other player, training speed is a must.

Speed allows the player to have a longer period of grace to react to attacks in the defense phase of the battle. This allows the players to be able to block or dodge attacks more efficiently.

Speed also have an passive effect, in the event that the player is not fast enough to react to the attack in a battle, there is a chance to auto-activate dash whereby the attack totally missed the player, magical or physical. For each point of speed, the chance is increased 0.001%.

Speed also affect in non-combat times, the higher the speed the faster you can dodge traps in dungeon maps and travel faster place to place by foot. Some achieve such high speed that they can reach the speed of light(Speed = Over-Limit). Spells that uses speed as a factor will treat Over-limit as 10'000.

New Players start with a speed of 10.

Mana Points[MP]
This stats tell you how much mana, due to the huge numbers in this stats, this area is currently hidden, the system will inform you when you run out of Mana. Mana can be increased by the Magic Level.

Magic Level - > See Magic Class Types Here
This is the stats that shows how skillful you are at magic spells.
Magic is a very important stat for magic users.

It affects:
  1. The mana that a player has
  2. The impact by enemies' spells
  3. how much damage does a spell deal

Each 1000 point of Magic improves magic resistance by 1%.
Each point of Magic gives 100 Mana.

Shows how smart is the player in the game.
INT is used to understand magic spellbook which lets the player learn spells. If his INT is too low, the player will not be able to understand the spellbook. The higher the INT, the more clue will the system reveal in critical times.

New Players start with INT of 10 which the intelligence of a primary/elementary one student.

INT of 60 = Primary Six/Elementary Year Six student.

Secondary Stats

Merging Level
A secondary stat yet rather famous skill used by players is the merging.
As the name suggest, merging allows you to combine more than two items to form a new item. This is in line with our game name: Combineset. Merging skill is unique as unlike most of the other stats, merging level can only reach to a max of 12. As such, it is extremely difficult to train this skill.

New players start with a merging level of 1 and therefore can merge newbie items to form new items.

More info on the abilities unlocked: http://combineset.blogspot.com/2008/07/merging-level-info.html
New Players start with Merging Level of 1.

The art of raising the dead. This stat allows players to summon armies of the dead to aid the caster. This stat is unusual in the sense that Arabic numerals are not used in the leveling, instead Greek letters were used. Basically, the higher the level, the higher level of undeads can you summon.

New Players start with necromancy level of alpha.

Farming, as the name suggests, means the cultivation of crops. Players can grow fruits and vegetables for own consumption. Though many players believe such stuff are useless, such fruits and vegetables has several abilities that can aid the player during combat and even can be used for cooking purposes which helps to improve the abilities of the ingredients used.

New players start with farming level of 1.

More info on Farming: http://combineset.blogspot.com/2008/07/farming-level-guide.html

Many players do not like cooking due to its troublesome process and only a little result. But cooking allows one to have many benefits through the food they cook and ate.

Players can basically cook anything they want, there is no restriction, the higher the level of cooking, the higher the chances of the food not getting over-cooked. This is useful in cooking difficult dishes such as dishes that involves lean meat.

New Players start with a cooking level of 5.

Fletching is the art of aerodynamically stabilizing arrows from materials such as feathers. It is extremely useful for archers who often need to use arrows to fire at targets. Maintaining an supply of arrows for usage can be rather costly in the long term. Therefore, it will useful to use fletching and carving to make arrows for own usage and even put it on sale if your workmanship is superb.
In general, the higher level your fletching are, the more powerful arrows you will be able to make , it also increase your workmanship of fletching.

Detailed Level Guide on Fletching here.
New Players start with a fletching level of 1.
Max Level of 200.

Crafting was made due to merger of carving, pottery, jewelry making.
Crafting allows one to be able to polish jewels and sell it on the market or even used in battles.[Need spell - Enchant to use in combat]
Crafting can be used in many situations, it is largely based on player's innovation.
As your crafting levels get higher, the chance in perfecting a design gets higher with an increase of 0.01% per level.

New Players start with a crafting level of 1.

Chopping is skill of chopping trees.

The higher the level, the higher the success of cutting down a tree and not damaging the axe.

All trees can be chopped down, it is not restricted by the levels.

The logs obtained from the tree can be used for crafting, fletching, and cooking.

New Players start with a crafting level of 1.

Mining is the extraction of valuable ores from rocks. These ores can be purified into metal bars to smith into useful objects.

The higher the level of mining, the more powerful pickaxes you can use and faster you mine.

New Players start with a mining level of 1.

Smelting is the skill of melting the ores to purify the metal bars.

The higher the level of smelting, the faster you can smelt and more items will be unlocked for smelting. The list is unknown, you will only know when the metal bars failed to purify more than 5 times.

New Players start with a smelting level of 1.

Smithing is skill of using an anvil and hammer to shape metal bars into objects. This is normally used to make weapons and armours.

The higher the level, the more advanced objects you can make.

New Players start with a smithing level of 1.

Charm is your social skills in the game. The higher your charm level, the easier it is for you to haggle for a cheaper price when buying item. In addition, you have a higher chance of getting hints or tips for a certain quest from a quest-giver.

New Players start with a crafting level of 3.
Fishing is pretty self-explanatory. To fish, you will need a fishing rod as well as a bait to catch different species of fish. There is no level limitations of what fishes you can catch since the fishes are in the wild and your level won't affect them, would they?

What fish you catch depends on two things:
  1. Your fishing location and
  2. the bait you're using.
Let me explain on the first factor first - fishing location...
Different locations have different composition of fishes contained in the water body. We will not talk about dead water or close to empty river since it is senseless to even catch a single fish there.
Right, we're talking about seas, deep or shallow and downstream rivers.
What you catch will be according to the rarity of the fish on that location.
For example, the salmons in the river located at GunBound Forest has rarity of 1. This means that you have 50% of catching this type of fish. The higher the rarity, the harder to catch that type of fish.
Now to the second factor - Bait used...
Bait are food used to attract the fishes to get hooked by the fishing rod.

Baits helps in catching of fish, though some are in such bad quality that they lower the chances of you catching even the most common fish. The percentage increased affects all fishes of all rarity. For example, if a bait increase by 25%, the chances of catching a swordfish will be 26%, prior to 1% with a standard bait which increases no % at all.

If no bait is used, the hook itself will increase your chances of catching a fish by -200%. Therefore, please take care in not running out of baits when fishing. It is not worth wasting time to catch fishes with no bait since the chances to catch the most common fish is -150%(after adding the % added by no bait). You will never catch a fish, trust me.

There are also special cases that the bait does not affect at all. This is a special feature of fishing, called treasure hauling.

When baits are used, no matter how good they are or how bad they are, they decrease your chances of hauling up a treasure item by 75%.
When no baits are used, it only decreases your chances of hauling a treasure item by 60%
The Base value of hauling a treasure item is 80%.
Catching a fish can be easily affected by these two factors, but obtaining the fish is affected by your strength.

When a fish or item is caught, to haul it up will rely on your character's strength. The mass of the fish or item will be compared with your strength.

Let x be the mass of the fish or item caught.
Let y be your strength.

If x > y+[(y)K%] , then the fish or item will drop back to the water body, you will not obtain the item.
If x <
y+[(y)K%], then the fish or item will be added your inventory.

Notice that there is a presence of K%, K% is the % bonus by the type of rod you used for the fishing. The better quality the rod, the more bonus % it gives.

For example, a broken metal pole, will give a bonus % of -10. Standard Rod will give a bonus % of 0.

Fishes obtained can be cooked to be eaten for recovery of health or sold for value. Please note that common fishes are worthless, they are too common to worth anything. Only fishes with rarity of 3 and above will worth gold bars.

Please also bear in mind that the rarity of fishes are not fixed, they may be changed due to global events and overfishing as well. ;)
Who knows, maybe in the future, salmons have a rarity of 8 and Giants Squids have a rarity of 1. :|

With that, good luck in fishing!

New Players start with a fishing level of 1.
Making Potions! Love Potions, Strength potions. The possibilities are endless!
The higher level you are, the higher the chances of successfully making a potion.

PotionMaking is like a trial and error stats whereby if you do not follow the instruction for concocting a potion properly, it will either explode, does nothing or become another potion ;)

Currently, the only teacher that can teach about potions is Maria, and you have to find her since she holed herself up in a cave(not exactly true, she lives in there)
That will be a good spot to start leveling up before experimenting and create new potions!

New Players start with a PotionMaking level of 1.
Ship Skills
Attention all who likes the seas! Buy a ship, or make one and train yerself for the wild seas!

Aye! Having a ship can be fun. It provides a means of transport and also includes a ranking system as well as your standings in the entire game, comparing with other mateys!

Owning a ships is simple! A raft works well too, and it's cheap, just need a couple of driftwood. HAHs

New Players start with a ranking of Novice.
And that concludes our guide. If you feel we have left something out, do inform us by commenting on this post or tagging it on our chatbox on the right!

Thank you for your time!
Saturday, 8 November 2008

Xydonia Empire Attacks

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 11:47:00 am
Xydonia attacks Planet Zeeroth.....MCP reports no Zeeroth survivor from conflict
On 7/11/2008, Xydonia Empire launched an skirmish squadron to invade the planet Zeeroth which destroyed the entire planet due to use of excessive super-destructive weapons.

Xydonia Empire
attacked Zeeroth on the grounds that Zeeroth opened fire on Xydon's Galactic Belt using a fleet of 120 warships and 25 flagship which is an open indicator that Zeeroth declared war on the Xydonia Empire.

Xydonia Empire
has claimed that Zeeroth have used an traditional war tactic: sending a decoy to distract the enemy.

It is reported that on 7/11/2008, Xydonia Empire also deactivated its defence shielding system before the attack although the reason has not been known.

Xydon's Galactic Belt
, Xydonia Empire's Frontier survived the attack, handling the situation relatively well, expected of a survivor of its generation - Empire StrongArm was once its neighbour before it collapsed due to political instability.

The Xydonia Empire, not taking the attack kindly, went to great means to track down the attacker. Since the principles of the MCP states that it will not interfere with internal affairs, we will never know how the Xydonia Empire receives its intelligence....

How can a relatively young state such as Zeeroth stand against the advanced empire of Xydonia?
MCP hopes to find a survivor of the lost planet so as to find answers but Xydonia had made a clean sweep of the planet.

Xydonia Empire
have not been able to make comment due to its isolation policy imposed after the GODS War II ensued. Currently, Xydonia Empire is a part of OZ), is this an act of war from the OZ) or the empire is acting on its own behalf?

However, MCP made a breakthrough in its finding when Golden Rising S.U.N.(G.R.S.U.N.) reported that one of its patrol ships witnessed the battle occurred at Zeeroth.

According to G.R.S.U.N., the five ships sent by the Xydonia Empire were no ordinary ships, there were weapons of mass destruction that is capable of destroying the entire planet with just of its weaponry. It is reported that each ships carries more than universal limit amount of nuclear warheads and demand Xydonia Empire to surrender all excess nuclear weaponry to MCP in name of universal peace.

However, what truly disturbed MCP is that the planet started to glow like a gigantic sun rising, and finally explodes, destroying the planet totally. G.R.S.U.N. did not comment much on this due to the fact that the appearance seems to describe the empire G.R.S.U.N. which is Golden Rising S.U.N..

As of posting this, MCP is holding a conference to decide on its course of action: whether to ensure that Xydonia Empire cannot use its mass destruction weapons to prevent a repeat of events or call upon other empires to attack the empire which may cause great destruction to all parties.

This is Mr Smith reporting, Chief Reporter for Hem eXa.
Attached Document:

Map of Xydonia System:
Map of Xydonia System
Click here or picture to enlarge.

The metal looking pentagon and the metal belt in the background is the Xydonia Galactic Belt, the Xydonia Empire's Frontier.

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 3:57:00 am

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Posted: 07 Nov 2008 08:40 AM CST

The SPA experience. Bio and chem did I have over 2 days. Dreadful was my titration reading, little it may be. Well, let it be the 1st O level experience. Love it I may but there is more to come... But Infocomm club won the national infocomm club competition, and our teacher is gonna treat us to MIND's Cafe woot, how great is that! Thats not all, our club won 5 ipod shuffs and 3 psp haha... this holiday so perfect, and I am going to australlia in a few days!!! How good can it get?(except for the holiday hw)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

6th Duel: Dawn of Hope

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 11:20:00 pm

Two sky tear has landed to the Mortal Realm's Surface. It came down from the Heaven itself.

It has been revealed that two sky tear are actually two gods who come out from their homeground on godland.

Who are they? We will be posting in the following few days with their history and involvements in this Realm. So do watch out for them. ;)

But a duel without a fight? The sighting of the sky tear, in fact, took place two weeks ago. It was just revealed to the public 5 days ago.

Trust us, it took us some time to find out that the 5th Duel occurred.

Can't say much now, a insight report is coming out soon. What I can say is: A major battle has occurred. =]

Stay Tuned!.......

Poll Section to be removed soon

Published by Leroy Lim under on 11:16:00 pm
The Poll is ending soon. So make your last-minute votes before it's too late. This affects a very powerful item called the "Golden TITAN Sword".

So don't regret no having a role in changing it's course.
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