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Thursday, 30 October 2008

♨The Drums are heard♨

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 3:38:00 pm
The Battle has begun at GunBound City...

The Combined Forces of the Order Faction are laying siege to the dark fortress built on the debris of GunBound City.

The Chaos Faction have prepared for this onsluaght and lust for blood...

Will Vengence be made? Stay tuned for our Special Report by our reporters on the scene.
Wednesday, 29 October 2008

New Map: Ruined Hell

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 3:22:00 pm
Hell has fallen, the location Hell is not longer available. This location has been replaced with the location called, Ruined Hell. The picture below is the map of Ruined Hell. The location, Abyss is still locked until the map is done.
Map of Ruined Hell

To enter Ruined Hell, go through Keeper of Light's Hall and go through the underpass portal to enter.

  1. New structures
  2. New creatures
  3. Angels Guards removed, the place of reside for the guards are now empty, occasionally filled with daemons, demons, monsters.
  4. Entrance of Hell no longer have guards such as Cerberus and Wraith Knights, they are moved to inner circle of hell.
  5. The DemiGod, King of Hades, has been slain, it is no longer available as of this current build.
  6. Throne Room for the King of Hades, removed, it has been replaced by a fortress.
  7. Blood shrine moved to Abyss.
  8. Separated Hell into nine circles

Warror� Chapter 6

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 10:13:00 am

From World Of Chaos�

Chapter 6

Posted: 28 Oct 2008 05:02 AM CDT

The crystal blue moon shone full that night, which meant that their chances of sneaking out minimized. The trio, Michael, Triton and Thomas, scampered through the facility, while glancing left and right to ensure that they did not catch any guards' attention. They heard a footstep, and immediately, retreated into the darkness of the corridors.

A distant voice spoke, "I most definitely heard something this time. I think it came from over there."

"These kids just don't know how to be disciplined. Taking them to the military camps would be a wise thing to do." came another more harsh voice.

"Guards, be silent…" whispered Michael.

"Said the man who raised his child in the library." mocked the first guard.

"Humph! Your child did not do any better… Anyway, there's nothing here, let's go. I've wasted enough time in my life." sneered the second guard. With that, the dimming footsteps of the guards sounded the corridors once more, along with some murmuring that the trio could not comprehend.

"I told you this was a bad idea. Why did you have to drag me into this?" hissed Thomas as he gave Michael a nudge.

Michael just placed a finger on his lips, giving Thomas a serious look. Thomas had no other choice but to keep his frustration to himself. Michael slowly rose and scanned the hallway. Then, when he was satisfied he signaled the rest to follow. They wandered through more corridors and the journey seemed forever.

"Do you even know where we're going?" questioned Triton with frustration.

"Yes I do and if you could do me a favor, please be quiet!" There was a tone of annoyance in Michael's voice. Thomas knew it was not Triton, but the fact that he really was lost. Triton just rolled his eyes and followed closely behind.

Finally, in the shadows, they saw the gate at which they each had once entered, and now seeking to exit it. Although in the night, the gate still shone in the moonlight, with golden harpoon-like bars that protruded out of the ground and the walls. On both sides, there were two guards standing, each with a spear in their hands. They had a red crest on their shoulders which signified that they were indeed elite guards and are not to be trifled with. A sense of accomplishment and worriment stirred inside of Michael. He turned to Thomas who shrugged.

"We need to think of something to get past those guards." muttered Michael to Thomas.

"Who goes there?" shouted one of the guards who was now looking in their direction.

Immediately, Michael dragged Triton and Michael behind a wall. Thoughts emblazed his mind, "By Ior, these guards are like supercharged! How could they have heard me from this distance?"

"I am giving you 3 seconds to reveal yourselves or I would put you under arrest!" hollered the guard whose voice challenged Triton's.

"My God, they must have seen us! What to do…what to do?" the thoughts in Michael's mind ran about in a frenzy.

"Hey, you do know how to get us out of this, do you?" whispered Triton, who looked at Michael hopefully.

"ONE!" shouted the guard.

"My powers and skills aren't strong enough to subdue an elite guard let alone two!" muttered Michael fearfully.

"Neither am I" admitted Triton who has already unsheathed his weapon. Michael's expression became frantic and then the grabbed Thomas by the shoulders.

"TWO!" another shout was heard.

Michael's expression became frantic and then the grabbed Thomas by the shoulders.

"You…You are an alchemist right?" mumbled Michael and Thomas nodded his head immediately, "Then could you please help us find something… anything that could subdue them?"

"I …I don't know" babbled Thomas.

"LAST CHANCE!" hollered the guard.

"Just try…please." said Michael as he let go of Thomas, who began searching through his pouch which hung from his waist.

Michael exited the confines of the wall and revealed himself, mind still a blur.

"Hey, hey… let's not get violent here. Me and my friends just want to go out o the Arena for a short while." said Michael as he tried to calm himself, "Would you, handsome young gentlemen, let us through?"

"On what reason?" spoke the guard in a softer but still serious tone.

"Emm… Well, Frederick asked me to go out to fetch some crystal wine from the nearby Tavern outside." Explained Michael while keeping his composure, "You know how he likes his wine…must be fresh from the Tavern."

"Then he should have given you a letter stating permission that we allow you to leave this facility, where is it?" demanded the guard, hand raised out.

Michael paused for a moment as he glanced back and forth, left and right. Then, almost instantly he unsheathed his sword and charged towards the guards.

"A runner! Raise the alarm!" screamed the guard to his partner. The partner nodded and ran for the lever which would sound the alarm.

Michael rushed towards the lever as well, but the other guard struck him from behind, leaving him on the floor in seconds. He quickly got up, avoiding a deadly blow which would have left him unconscious. He exchanged blows with the guard, struggling to keep up with his speed.

The sound of metal clashing reached Tritons ears, who mumbled under his breath, "That idiot…" He rose and left Thomas to search for something that would successfully subdue the guards.

Michael saw Triton approaching and shouted, "Don't worry about me, get the guard who is activating the alarm."

"Where?" replied Triton, who found himself parrying with the same guard as Triton.

At that moment, a loud screeching siren filled the hallways.

"Great, now look what you've done!" shouted Michael who just dodged a strike from the guard's spear which could have impaled him.

"Me? It was you who pissed of the guards!" yelled Triton, as he backed away from three blows from the guard.

"Found it!" cried Thomas behind the wall.

"About time!" barked Triton who was fighting the other guard who had returned to help his partner.
Thomas ignored Triton words and took out a seemingly small and empty bottle and threw it at the first guard which exploded a cloud of white gas. The guard screamed as he held his hands onto his eyes and collapsed to the floor. Thomas then threw another smaller vial which contained a dark blue liquid towards the second guard. It exploded like the bottle but it poured out the liquid onto the guard, nearly hitting Triton. The Guard started burning at the touch of the liquid and fell to ground shrieking.

Triton backed away and shouted at Thomas, "A little closer and I may be a fried chicken!"

"What did you do to them?" Michael asked, sheathing his sword.

Thomas was about to reply when they heard loud footsteps coming their way from the left hallway which illuminated brighter and brighter, most probably from a torch.

"No time, let's go." said Thomas as he rushed out of the gate with Triton. Michael took one last look at the Arena and followed Thomas into the wilderness.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:57:00 am
  • Changed Font for Blog Title
  • Changed Font for Body Text
  • Changed Font for Header Text
  • Updated Links
  • Changed Music Playlist, it is no longer shuffled in default.
Monday, 27 October 2008

Spoiler Alert?

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:10:00 am
We found a video about combineset, can you guess what is it about?


*Require Apple Quicktime to play.
Cannot load? Click here!
Sunday, 26 October 2008

Project Stats Guide Completed

Published by Leroy Lim under on 3:40:00 pm
Woot! We have finished this project!

In case if you do not know what is it about, a description is available at http://combineset.bravehost.com/lab.html under completed projects.

It will be published on this site on 11/11/2008. The post is rather long, so get ready to use the scroll bar. LOL!

See you guys then!
Saturday, 25 October 2008

☗Legend of Abyss☗

Published by Leroy Lim under on 5:49:00 pm
☥Return of Questmaster☥

The return of Questmaster is not without events, never have been. So without further ado, let us move on.....
[Background Information]
On the journey back to GunBound City, Questmaster ventured into a ruined guildhall for shelter. Inside the hall lies a library. Only one book survived, apparently.....
Excerpt from the book "⚠Abyss⚠" - by Alex, DragonSlayer:
Having overcame the depths of hell, I reached a Arctic land which is opposite of the burning hell. The sudden of temperature was disturbing and the light supplied by the flames of hell was no more. All it lay was pure darkness. My heart beats at a fast rate as I feel fear. There was no reason to fear but I felt it nevertheless.
I walked for some distance before I reach upon a tower. I attempt to enter but was blocked with the sudden exit of a tall cloaked person.
By the Gods! He's a vampire! Vampires are supposed to be rid of by the gods long time ago! What in the 3 realms is it doing here? Is he the only surviving one or are there more?
The vampire rushed to attack me. Big Mistake, I wield my Dragonslayer sword and block his attack.
Upon blocking, he turned to mist. I was stunned. The mist materialized behind me and I was just in time to parry that blow.
He came in again with his sharp claws, I blocked, then his head moved forward, attempting to give me the vampire's kiss. I spun away. Knowing it is impossible to defeat the vampire without the correct tools, I fled. Away from the tower, away from that dark place.
The vampire changed into a bat and advanced towards me. He was catching up on me, my heart skipped a beat. I knew I have stand ground and defeat him. But how? I did not know, I looked for a favourable spot to stand ground and do battle as I ran.
Just then, a fast moving creature attacked the bat. The bat shaped into a vampire once more and faced the enemy. I stopped to watch, the enemy looks like a dreadlord! The only visible difference is that it has two curved horns on his head and the colour of its skin is black, the dreadlord's skin is red in colour.
From its features, it is my guess that it was a Nightmare, cousins to the dreadlord, masters of the darkness while the dreadlords are the master of the unliving.
Which is bad, this place is very dark, a place where Nightmares are the strongest. I figured they're fighting for food, which is me.
Without hesitation, I fled. I do not wish to explore any place there are beyond the tower. It is too scary.
I went up the staircase, back to hell.
Hell has changed alot, I was just here 2 hours ago. So much has changed. The Angels that prevent all hell from breaking loose are slain. Hell has fallen.........

The portal from Hell to the Mortal Realm is very far from civilisation but they will reach us soon.

Upon reaching the Mortal Realm by sneaking past the devils and daemons entering the portal, I saw the outpost that the Keepers of Time set up is in ruins. I went in and see the library empty. Sensing I have not much time left, I have wrote this in haste and headed to the north, the elements Realm.
I bid you, if you read this, you must inform our counterparts about this evil unfolding. We may not have much time left.......Perhaps it is too late.....

Stay Tuned for the prequel and sequel of "The Return of Questmaster"
Friday, 24 October 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 10:06:00 pm
  • Converted the "anime hair" section to a post. Thus, that section has been removed. It can found in the "others" category.
  • Updated Music Playlist.
  • Updated Links
Thursday, 23 October 2008

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 2:58:00 am

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Posted: 22 Oct 2008 08:28 AM CDT

Wow! I SO HIGH 2DAY COS 1. eXAMS OVER 2. COmPEtItION OVER 3. FINALLY CAN SLACK LOLZ. But 1 thing I quite dissapointed about, I failed SS, dun ask me how it happen, it juz did. But everything is to be happy about definitely!!! Sorry for not having posted for such a long time here, its just so hectic with the SA2 coming rite after CA2 so somehow its quite stressful. But whoa all the stress is suddenly released and it kinda feels weird, sorta nothin to do feeling... who CARES!?! can play good liao haha :-) Next yr is sec 4 le, a bit worrying leh, especially Os, seniors in my scjool look so depressed when i greet em, got those kind of emo face, woild I b like that? The future will tell...So many things had happen n the year is coming to an end, so a bit scary, another start of a new year with so much challenges ahead haizzz. so how the hell am I suppose to enjoy???

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Warrior: Chapter 5�

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 10:11:00 am

From World Of Chaos�

Chapter 5

Posted: 21 Oct 2008 10:19 AM CDT

"No, it couldn't be. It was just there…" the thoughts of doubt and hope encircled in Michael's mind as fear clouded it.

"Are you sure you did not misplace it?" asked Thomas, foraging the room for any possible clue to Michael's loss. Michael just shook his head wildly as he continued to find his gauntlet.

"You must remember the last time you saw it, don't you?" asked Thomas as he crouched down to peer under the bed.

"Well, I can only remember having it in my fight with Satan… You don't think he took it?" replied Michael as he tore of the bed sheets and emptied the drawers. Triton suddenly rose and headed for the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Thomas shouted, "You're supposed to help Michael find his gauntlet."

Still heading towards the door, Triton retorted, "I am helping. I am going to ask that boy Satan whether he took your gauntlet." He seized his hammer which was lying on the side of the door and headed off.

A feeling of pity built up inside Michael and he thought that it was best that he followed him, leaving a flabbergasted Thomas behind.

"I know what you're thinking. Don't do it." said Michael in authority.

Triton turned around, his emerald eyes glared in to Michael's. "Look, do you want your precious little gauntlet or not?" threatened Triton slowly.

Michael felt anger rising into him but shook it off. He just nodded his head and Triton gave him a smirk. "I thought so" mocked Triton.

They reached the room in which Satan was kept. Triton slammed the door open and marched in. There lying like a corpse on the bed was Satan. Michael inspected his injuries and found that Satan's condition was much worse than his. He even had some parts still stained fresh red with blood from their encounter with the unknown being which seemed to emerge from within Satan.

Triton showed no pity and snatched Satan's collar, hollering, "YOU! IF YOU TOOK MICHAEL'S GAUNTLET, YOU BETTER GIVE IT BACK OR I SWEAR THAT I WILL BREAK EVERY, SINGLE, BLOODY BONE IN YOUR BODY" With that, Triton threw Satan back down, who just moaned in reply.

Triton pointed a long and meaty finger towards Satan and screamed, "DON'T FAKE IN FRONT OF ME! I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE IT! GIVE IT –"

"STOP IT! Can't you see he is an injured man? If you want to question him, do it when he is better!" interrupted Michael with his voice rising after each word.

"I don't trust this worthless piece of trash. He might very well be the assassin who attacked me! He might be the host of a demon who would one day destroy everything! You think this "thing" deserves pity?" argued Triton with a voice which could challenge he sound of thunder.

"How do you know that he has this "so-called" demon inside him? LOOK! His gauntlet was lost as well. If he took my gauntlet, then why would he lose his as well?" Michael's anger was building up so rapidly that he found himself hand ready at his sword.

"I still don't trust him. They are all the same. Demons, they raid towns, villages, cities just for their amusement. And when they are finished, they leave the dying to rot." Triton's tone suddenly becomes extremely solemn, "You do not know what I have been through Michael, the pain, the misery, the suffering. They attack your homes not only at night, but some in broad daylight. I have seen it, felt it, and even embraced it. You know little of these demons."

Triton then took one last look at Satan and then left the room. Michael's anger for Triton was suddenly flushed away. He gazed at Satan, and realized that Satan was feeling a same pain as Triton did before. He needed to help him, but how?

As he re-entered his room, he saw Thomas still helping to search for his gauntlet.

"Some discussion, what happened?" asked Thomas as he lifted up some chairs and tables.

"I don't want to talk about it." replied Michael as he lay on his bed, "You better get some rest."

Thomas nodded and left the room quietly, leaving Michael, who was immersed in his thoughts.

Suddenly, an idea to save Satan hit him like a ton of bricks. He immediately rose and rummaged through the desk beside his bed. He held up a piece of paper and on it, was the sign that he had drawn earlier. He smiled to himself, extremely satisfied with the idea that he had thought of and treaded out of his room.


It was the last match of the day and Triton was watching at the sidelines. The sound of swords and shields colliding into each other seemed to amuse him. He chuckled as the one of the competitors stumbled and fell nearly costing him the match.

Thomas ran into the hallway looking completely exhausted and said to Triton, "I finally… found you… (pant) Do you know where Michael (pant) is?"

"How would I know? He is probably with his new best friend. The injured man in the room upstairs." scorned Triton who was still facing the arena as the last competitor fell.

"He has been missing since this morning. Come' on, you experienced the same thing as he did. Furthermore, you are his friend." Thomas tried to persuade Triton as best as he could.

Triton turned to Thomas and said, "Firstly, I am NOT is friend. Secondly, if he is missing, why should I care? He has that "coach" Samuel to take care of him. And thirdly, I don't think he like me very much either.

"Well, Samuel has been missing too after he went of with Frederick. And you are the only one who can help us. What's more, Michael broke you from your trance. So technically, you do owe him something." argued Thomas and he glared at Triton.

"You know, you and Michael are so alike. Fine, I'll go on your little "scavenger hunt"." smirked Triton as he walked ahead of Thomas. Thomas just smiled and followed behind. Triton went up a few flights of stairs, through a corridor and passes a room where the sick are treated. Thomas then knew exactly where they were going and immediately spoke.

"Look, if you are thinking of going to his room, I have already checked it."

"Do you trust me or not?" replied Triton as he made his way down another hallway and into Michael's room

"It is not that, I just checked there before and I am telling you he is not-" Thomas paused as the gazed at Michael who was busily packing supplies into three rucksacks.

"Told you so" laughed Triton, but Thomas ignored that remark and asked, "Michael, what do you think you are doing?"

Michael wrapped up the rucksacks and tossed two of them to Triton and Thomas. He carried the last rucksack and explained to Thomas's confusion, "Well, I decided to find out what that mark I saw meant and how to remove it. So, I would need your help to do this task with me."

Thomas and Triton looked at each other in bewilderment as Michael gave them a small grin.

Monday, 20 October 2008

☄Returning Destruction with Vengence☄

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 4:38:00 pm
With the return of Questmaster, Guardian of GunBound City, after the destruction of GunBound City which have became a wasteland fortress, the armies of the Order Faction have gathered and are marching towards the fortress.

More blood will be shed, will the prophecy of the domino be fulfilled? If yes, is Chaos Faction doomed?

The battle for GunBound City awaits! Who shall prevail? Stay tuned.....
Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:48:00 pm
  • Removed Some redundant sections
  • Shifted "Badges" and Hitcounter to the left.
  • Changed appearance of Links
Monday, 13 October 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:58:00 pm
Link updates!
  1. Changed Links Behaviour, links in the "link Highway Web" will open in a new window/tab.
  2. Updated Links
  3. Added new Links
As Usual, any bugs found, please report to us at http://www.combineset.bravehost.com/survey/forms2.html
Sunday, 12 October 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 9:39:00 pm
Woot! This update only applies to those who uses the latest internet browsers!
  1. Favicon added to original site(http://combineset.blogspot.com)
  2. Favicon bug identified and fixed on mirror site(http://combineset.co.nr)
  3. Favicon changed. No longer the favicon made by G4 player Keller. A new one has been remade.
  4. Flash Videos re-activated. Previously, the files were disabled due to a server error. This has been fixed. If you are still experiencing error in streaming the videos, email me.
As usual, if any error is found please go to http://www.combineset.bravehost.com/survey/forms2.html to inform us.

Blog Update#17

Published by Leroy Lim under on 2:30:00 pm
Yep! We're back from the exams in our real life and we have made many changes to the website.

Here's the changelog:
Build vers.
  1. Added a mirror site: http://combineset.co.nr
  2. Added a new badge.
  3. Added graphical "Best Viewed in" banner below the new badge
  4. Added links in the "Navigation Help" to quickly 'jump' to archive and post catergories.
  5. Shortened "..." Section since the graphical "Best Viewed in" banner made the some of the text there redundant.
  6. Added New Music Playlist; A Piano song will be played by default. A second playlist allows other song to be played by clicking the second play button. Music Playlist controls are still enable to allow skipping of certain songs and playing only selected songs.
  7. Submited RSS Feed to copyright authorities for protection. Please acknowledge this site when quoting. Thank you. This applies to images taken from this website.
  8. All functions should be working perfectly in both orginal site and mirror site. Any bugs found, please contact me at leroylim20@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy your trip here!
Saturday, 11 October 2008

{|Sides are chosen|}

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 11:16:00 am
The Neutral Gods have chosen.

  1. Durnik

  1. A'rek
  2. Gar'Zhul

LightBlade has gone missing, thus he remains as a neutral god.

Their posts has been updated.
Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Blog Update#16

Published by Leroy Lim under on 7:29:00 pm
We had 1075 Hits For September 2008!

A record!

As A reward, a spoiler is underway, a rather big one if you know where to find it =]

However, I myself am not sure when it will appear as End of Year Exams are here and most of us do not have time to publish it. So just sit tight and wait.

To students: Good Luck for EOY Exams!

Your Grandmaster for Combineset.co
Build vers.
  1. Updated Upcoming Events.
  2. Shortened "Acknowledgement" Section -- Removed redundant infos
  3. "Followers" Widget up and running, all bugs fixed.
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