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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Resignation of MR. Peon Chan

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 11:05:00 pm
HI fellas,

cheerful am i but actually i should be sad but hey i got promoted so how can i be sad?

U wanna know y?

Peon Chan the community chairman of Combineset has stepped down... as elections has not started yet..I, LEroy LIm, is the acting chariman for now til the elections starts where the new chairman take sover..so clap for me(LOLZ?)


Just kidding

New Shop ACT (DRAFT Edition)

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 10:54:00 pm
Draft Proposed by: Mr. Peon Chan
TO be revised by: Firehero (soon)


To those who may concern,

After much observation to the experienc eat shopping in Combineset, I have decided to draw up a new shop act to improve player's experiences in shops. To all shoppers, I propose the follwing:

1. Instead of those finger-pointing that irrates players, I suggest that the items for sale should have straight-forward price tags to immediately know its price.

2. To set aside a page in Combineset.org for market watch where people get updated what items' prices went up or down. As discussed with Mr.Lim, the Grandmaster, the frequency of the update will be monthly.

3. To avoid confusion and more work needed for sriptors to constantly update on stats, the Brotherarms has deided to change a property of all items- instead of temporaily boosting the wearer's stats, it will permanently boost the wearer's stats. HOwever, to prevent abuse, the item can only boost stats once and only on one player unless as stated otherwise on the item's description.

I bid those who may concern to read carefully and to freely amend when seem fit.

Thanks you,
Peon Chan

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