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Monday, 29 September 2008

Blog Patch#15

Published by Leroy Lim under on 5:12:00 pm
Mass Update: Build vers.
  1. Removed Several Ads Banner(wohoo!)
  2. Removed Unnecessary Subscribe to feed due to built-in modules in new internet browsers. Check your internet browsers on how to subscribe to a feed.
  3. Shortened "Admin's Contacts" Section
  4. Edited "Post Script" Section
  5. Shortened "..." Section
  6. Moved "Contributors" Section
  7. Moved "Words of Wisdom" section to the bottom
  8. Added "new full graphics ad banner" - one only
  9. Added "Personalty" section. - about anime hair
  10. Shortened "Admin's Contacts" Section
  11. Updated Links
  12. Increased Number of posts shown at main page. As of writing, it is 6.
  13. Slight Modification of template - Sidebar moved up.
Saturday, 27 September 2008

~Insight on Uneasy Alliance~

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 12:55:00 pm
The missing hero from the 4th Duel, Former Resistance King, has re-appeared in the Capitol of the Resistance Ancient Protoss. He has allied with the current king there and has recently launched an attack on an temple staging area of OZ).

Though in big numbers, the attacking fleet has suffered heavy casualties due to ambush of the OZ) and the Former Resistance King is currently trapped in an island not near away.

What will happen now?
Thursday, 25 September 2008

Project Helping Hands Completed

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 8:52:00 pm
The six month old project has finally been completed!

You can view this at: http://ncelz.nanchiauhigh.moe.edu.sg/helpinghands/

Project Description can be found at : http://combineset.bravehost.com/lab.html
Saturday, 20 September 2008

Questmaster's Back

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:34:00 am
Prophecy by the Grandmaster is starting to be fulfilled.

Blood will be shed with Questmaster's return. The question is whose blood?

In the following days, we will be interviewing Questmaster and find out what he had been doing since he went missing and what role OZ) going to do for GunBound City.
Friday, 19 September 2008

5th Duel: ~Gathering of Clouds~

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 5:33:00 pm
The Neutral Gods has announced to the world that they have each decided on whose side they would follow and as such, would not swear their fealty to their respective factions soon.

Would the addition of the gods affect the outcome of the GODS WAR II? Only time will tell....
Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Insight on 4th Duel#4

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 3:01:00 pm
Recovered from a observer[Rescue Work Overseer]
10/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

It is over, I'm so glad after the horrors I have seen.

Initially, I was not among the team who will be doing the rescue work. However, in the last moment, the curiosity of why one would want to prevent us from getting in get the better of me. How I have wished I had not decided to join them if I had known the horrors within...

The stranger, now unarmed seems to be amused by everything, always observing with watchful eyes. I have earlier made an mental note to keep a lookout on him since I do not trust him.

The inside of the temple looks like a maze.Many of us were arguing about which path to take. However, the stranger walked towards an path without hesitation, as if he knew where were the people we were looking for. I wanted to suggest an alternative path but the rest of the team followed him already. Shaking my head, I tagged along.

The interior was like a tunnel, as such it is getting darker. Like many others, I lit a torch and moved on. Halfway through, the stranger stopped. He seemed shocked and mumbled something about a change in the relic storage room.

Despite what he had said, we marched on, we reached a majestic room and the stranger used some magic to blast it open. We were alarmed, he didn't look like mage. We exchanged worried glance and I pondered the wisdom of letting that stranger in here.

Such thoughts were pretty much quickly banished when we seen what had in store of us.
Blood, it was everywhere. That blood isn't human blood, it was black blood. A monster, most likely.
We weren't moving, perhaps not even blinking. The stranger strode forward, reached a giant object of blackness. He ducked and stared at it.
I chase after him, afraid he would be destroying any form of evidence. Seeing me coming, he stood up and announced that he had seen enough. Right in front of eyes, he faded away to nothing.
We found the heroes in that room except two - the Dark Prince. Perhaps he had won the fight but why did the Grandmaster of OZ) claim it was a draw. And why did Chaos Faction accept the claim? Whose blood was shed in the room? Arg! So much questions no answers. So frustrating. The other is the ex-resistance king, where did the body went too? Maybe, they were gone to remove evidences of a dark secret...
We have recovered the bodies, they may be revived which will be decided by their respective tribes and we are finally headed HOME!
We're due to arrive on 15 September 2008[Earth Time Format] unless there are delays again.
Note: This was taken from the captain of the surviving frigate which had safely returned from the relic site on 15/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

~Warrior~� - Chapter 4: Recovery

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 10:40:00 am

From World Of Chaos

Chapter 4: Recovery

Posted: 16 Sep 2008 08:29 AM CDT

Michael eyes opened, however with much difficulty. An intense glare of light pierced his eyes. His bones ached, his muscles were stiff and his mind was still a blur. Around him, he heard mutterings like "he's awake" and "hey, are you alright?" He groaned in pain as he turned around and was greeted by Samuel's relieved face.

"You were out cold for a few days, what were you doing in the hallway of Zoromak?" asked Samuel as gently as he could. Michael tired to get up and was helped by Samuel. Here, he saw Frederick, the announcer of the games who had his signature bright vermilion suit on, Thomas, his good messy-haired friend since he was young who now wore a cloak around his navy blue shirt. His belt had bottles and vials strapped on to it. And surprisingly, Triton, who was sitting in one corner of the room in a more causal piece of clothing with his large hammer strapped to his back.

"You ok chap?" said Fredrick with a sense of merriment.

"Just fine, thank you. Thomas! I did not know you were here. You were supposed to be in Crimsonhills practicing your alchemy." Replied Michael as he massaged his bruised head to make him feel more comfortable.

"Well, your old friend here decided to come and cheer you on. I spotted him just after your match with Triton." said Samuel while giving a harsh glance towards Thomas, "You have good friends here Michael." Thomas just simply smiled towards Michael.

Michael looked at his limbs and chest. They all had burn marks scarred onto them. He tried to massage one, but was felt painful stings as he did. He quickly returned his hand and sighed with worry.

"Our healers couldn't remove them, sad to say." Apologized Frederick, "I've never seen burn marks like these since I saw a Daemon. Hah! Fought one myself I did."

Michael's gaze turned to Triton and immediately Samuel spoke, "We found out that he experienced similar burns. We also realized that he could not remember anything from that match or anything after he stepped into the arena. It was as though he was possessed by someone…"

"Or something…" Triton interrupted, now standing in front of Michael, "this only happened after I fought with this dark… assassin if my judgment was correct, before I set off for the arena. He was a tough opponent, swift and deadly. But one folly from him made him open. I struck, but to my amazement, flames that burned like the pit of hell scorched through my veins. Although I did not fall unconscious like you did, I would sometimes have this gap in my mind. I gap that I could not recall what fit in it and strange things always happened after that."

Michael stared down thinking, "Could he be possessed at this very instant? He could not tell. But one thing was certain was that he would find out who or what Satan was talking to and-"

"Satan!" , that name flooded his mind with anger and hate, yet was also filled it with pity and compassion. Satan had been used by this "thing" and had suffered from it. "Frederick, did you find another person where you found me?" asked Michael with sudden anxiety.

"Aye, he's just a few rooms away, still unconscious, poor kid." replied Frederick with a little sympathy in his tone, "wished I could have done more."

"I heard him talking with someone in the hallway. It sounded mellow and deep." muttered Michael to the rest, "its voice sounded like a demon of some sort." Everyone stared at him in either amazement on in utter shock.

"Did you see how he did it?" said Samuel, breaking the silence.

"No, unfortunately, I was discovered before I got close enough." sighed Michael.

"Are you sure lad, he did not have any form of sign or mark on him that might suggest a little of his unknown companion?" said Frederick with great anxiety.

"No sir, I can't remember much in that battle. It is as though his companion removed it from my head." said Michael as he thought hard.

"Well, enough talking, the next match is about to start and I need to be present for the duel to commence." said Frederick, trying to retain his posture while looking at his well-crafted, golden watch, "You should be getting some rest… Come 'on Samuel, you should see the next battle, pretty exciting. The wizard of Kingoran against the warlock from the marshes of Zerihm. What do you say old chap, for old time's sake, eh?"

Samuel briefly nodded and left the room, taking one last look at Michael, forcing a smile. Michael knew that they were not going off together just for the "exciting" match. But his thoughts did not pursue it for the time being.

All of a sudden, Michael's head felt as though it was a balloon, pressurized, stretched to a point of incredible tension. He wailed in the pain that impaled his mind. Flashes of the "forgotten" duel with Satan gushed back into him. Triton and Thomas tried their very best to support him and preventing him from hurting himself. In the chaos, Thomas got struck squarely in the belly as he tried to keep Michael in his bed.

The pain mysteriously ceased as soon as it began, but for Michael, it was as though it had been years. He stared blankly into space, and then suddenly sprang up, accidentally striking the recovering Thomas. With an apology, Michael seized a pencil and began to draw. Triton helped Thomas up and they went over to see what Michael drew. It was a sign. No, it was more of a mark. It resembled the letter "S" with two curved lines on each side. Sort of like an emblazoned "S".

"I remembered this… on his hand; it kind of had a mind of its own. I remembered that he screamed, of such pain, such misery, such agony…" mumbled Michael as he turned to the pair, "Do any of you want this symbol represents?"

Only Thomas reacted. He was in total shock and was now rummaging through the sack the brought along and took out an old but sturdy book. He flipped it open and fretfully flipped through the pages until certain page. He passed it to Michael and Triton looked from behind. On it was the exact same symbol, just that in that book, it was blood red. The two gazed on it and turned to Thomas for an explanation.

"That… That mark has not been seen in thousands of years" stammered Thomas.

"We know that already, it is in this book. We want to know what it means." said Triton with amazing calmness.

"That mark… as my master taught me was the mark used by, as our people call it, the Zel-narks, or more commonly known as the mark of destruction. It is used by the Daemon lords from the "outside". The other worlds." spluttered Thomas hesitantly.

"So, this… thing who Satan communicates to is a daemon lord?" questioned Triton.

"It could be. But my knowledge of this symbol or runes is quite shallow. If you really want to know more about that mark, I know someone whom can help you. He lives not very far from the arena. But the journey will be treacherous." Replied Thomas as he tried to calm himself.

"Well, if anything that hurts you comes along, I'll just crush it like a bug." chuckled Triton as he turned towards Michael, "You also have him to help you, right Michael?"

Michael nodded and replied, "Of course we would like to meet him. Just lead the way and if anything hostile comes, rest assured that I will silence it. For I am a-"

Michael's eyes began to be engulfed in fear and horror. He rummaged through his arms, hoping that whatever he was thinking was proved wrong.

"What's wrong?" asked Triton.

"This" replied Michael with much despair as the held out his left arm. There, just lay a naked arm where the angel gauntlet had once been.

P.S; Note there has been a re-order of Chapter numbering, please go main website: http://worldofchaos297.blogspot.com/ for more details.
Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Insight on 4th Duel#3

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 8:01:00 pm
Recovered from a observer[Rescue Work Overseer]
9/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

The Blockade has finally been cleared.
The installment of the crane took us an entire day and it took us another day to clear the debris of the entrance.

during this time, we had not found a single survivor from the destroyed frigate. They weren't kidding saying when they say mages are lightly armoured. Then again, who can survive such a crash?

Tonight, with the blockade cleared, we will be sending a team to reocover the people inside and find out what happened inside.

In fact, it could have sped up with the team entering at noon if it wasn't for a man who appeared out of nowhere and ask if he could be observer for the resuce operation.

Not believing him, we asked him to disarm himself. He agreed and mentioned that he is just a observer and will only watch.

Having delayed so long, we have to enter that place and get the heck out of here. Wonder what lies inside......
Note: This was taken from the captain of the surviving frigate which had safely returned from the relic site on 15/9/2008[Earth Time Format]
Monday, 15 September 2008

Insight on 4th Duel#2

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 9:07:00 pm
Recovered from a observer[Rescue Work Overseer]
7/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

We are still recovering from the what we have seen. First of all, the rescue work has been delayed AGAIN! I can't believe this, it is as if we're jinxed!

The second frigate containing the team of mages was due to arrive today. At dawn, it arrived, no problems, so far so good.

One full day has past since the collapse of the entrance, with the arrival of the mages, it would certainly help speed things up.

Sadly, as if by some cruel luck, the burning object which we seen yesterday came back. It was activated once more without detection by us, and it flew up.

It was without warning, and the second frigate was not expecting such company. The alien ship shot a couple of cruise missiles and down went the defenseless frigate of our comrades containing our team of mages who could have helped clear the blockade.

We grieved but we had a pressing task at hand, since mages are no longer an option and we had wasted enough time, I ordered the engineers at starboard to set up a magnetic crane to lift up the debris. This is gonna take some time, meanwhile the rest of us are searching in the debris of the second frigate for survivors....
Note: This was taken from the captain of the surviving frigate which had safely returned from the relic site on 15/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

Uniquely Me Has changed skin

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 6:46:00 pm
Combineset.co has edited another blog called "Uniquely Me"

LINK: http://uniquemelia.blogspot.com/

Go and see and comment here on what you see there.

Found any glitch? Contact us at the chatrooms
Saturday, 13 September 2008

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 2:43:00 am

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Posted: 12 Sep 2008 09:29 AM CDT

HIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! Long time no post sorry. Its with the tons on work and the end of year exam going on so I am so loaded with work to do but still manage to squeez time out to blog hahaz lol... today was the second last session of infocomm club before exams preperation week start and once again we face the MP3(face the music;but this guy can go on for hrs so I call it MP3 HAHA) but this time its so much different, we discussed plans on how to impart our knowledge when we graduate. And we were to reflect on mistakes we had done in the past. I felt really remorse towards the misakes that I had made and for once what he talked really made sense to me. I made my decision, we should do this club proud and make Mr Ong and Mr Goh feel contended and I am going to strive in the last project this year>>> Infocomm Club Gang...You guyz rox
p.s. faster plan some activities for the last session HAHA

I guess its all study when its the end of the year, I am gonna make sure I make it for DSA and not fail like I did in P6 PSLE!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

New Website found!

Published by Leroy Lim under , , , on 6:39:00 pm
What is this new place all about?

Enter and find out.....

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Combineset's Out of BETA!

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 7:05:00 pm
That I have no absolute idea, this is an order that simply came from the top of the command chain, so beats me. Well, they say change so we change ;)
Guess that's pretty obvious, with this new title, it's obviously that betrayals is no more and the GODS WAR II is reaching its climax, what that is, i cannot tell you.

Events planned and set in motion for the multiverse of Combineset©:
  3. DOOM*
*Note: Expansion Set Title with the * is subject to change.

~Warrior~� - Chapter 3: The Encounter

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 10:40:00 am

From World Of Chaos

Chapter 3: The Encounter

Posted: 09 Sep 2008 10:04 AM CDT

Michael slowly headed back to his room through a hallway he had rarely ventured. He tried to locate a corridor which will bring him to a place which he hoped was familiar to him.

"Hmm… let's see… that one or that one." mumbled Michael to himself as he glanced around the dimly lit hallway, "I knew I should have taken the left turn. Darn…"

He took a few steps toward the nearest bend, looking back as he went. In his ear, he could hear faint noises that he could not make out. He tried to move further into the bend as silently as he could. As he did, the sounds became words. One voice who spoke them sounded all too familiar. The other was one which was totally unknown but somehow froze his blood as it spoke.

"This kid is strong. He uses his head…" mellowed the low and demonic voice that echoed through the rooms.

"It doesn't matter; I will crush him like all the others. He just got lucky in his previous fight." replied a harsh voice which spoke with hatred.

"Be cautious young one. He may be the one that could stop you. His way of fighting, his aura, his crest, looks much like-" the mellow voice paused, making the hallway completely silent.

"I better start running" thought Michael as he turned. What greeted him were eyes full of anger, which glared fiercely at him.

"What are you doing here Blondie?" sneered the dark figure which now backed Michael to a corner.

"Eh… I was just finding my way back to my room. So if you don't mind." Replied Michael softly.

"Kill him" boomed the demonic voice which seem to come from nowhere.

Satan unsheathed his blade which portrayed those of a bat. The blade started to shine blood-red as he prepared to thrust the blade into Michael's flesh. Michael reacted quickly by placing his crest into his gauntlet saying the exact same words as before "Divine gauntlet… Angel seal!" An intense light burst from his gauntlet, blasting Satan away in a massive force.

"You're going to get it" snarled Satan as he got up. His once free hand now also with a crest, one with the outline of a devil's head embedded on it. "Demonic gauntlet… Devil seal!" screamed Satan as he thrust it into his gauntlet on his right hand. A similar flash of light engulfed him but this time; it burned like the flames of hell. What came out was Satan with his demonic armor. Half-matured horns grew form his helmet, claws also protruded from his gauntlets and flames ran through his scaly plate.

"Ok…" commented Michael as he unsheathed his crimson sword. Satan advance, advanced quickly. Michael had to move back to keep up with the blows from his demonic rival, forcing him to a corner. Michael leapt to the wall and jumped from pillar to pillar, only to realize that his adversary crumbled the path behind them. Satan summoned up three surges of energy from his now blood-red sword casting them towards the angel knight. Michael deflected the first one but had to perform an aerial barrel roll to dodge the other two. As he landed, the wall behind him shattered from the force of the surges.

Satan immediately responded by charging towards Michael, his blade glowing more and more intense. Michael exposed his blade to the rays of sunlight which shone through the cracks in the ceiling made by the shattered wall. His blade also started to glow with increasing intensity as his advanced to face his opponent.

The blades met, sending a shockwave across the hallway. They exchanged blows, creating quite an amazing display of lights from their glowing blades. The shockwaves produced blasted away furniture, lights and even the remaining walls. Michael tried to take flight to gain the upper hand but was only returned by a barrage of flames from the hands of Satan. Michael got up and did a series of similar motions from his previous fight, his blade glowing as bright as the sun. Satan also did a series of actions, with his blade glowing like a hundred rubies.

Both of them leaped screaming, "Celestius, Illuminate, Holy Might!" and "Celestius, Inferno, Burning Slash!"

The surges of energy exploded as they collided into one another, sending a massive force which devastated the hallway, leaving only the two combatants standing.

"Enough of this…" rumbled the demonic voice again from nowhere.

Satan's gauntlet suddenly rose up by its own. A mark which Michael had never seen before drew on it from Satan's blood. He screamed, in total agony, pain and suffering. The mark glowed rapidly and flames shot out of it. Michael tried to evade the approaching flames, but the cornered and engulfed in it.

It burned him. Burned like the flames of hell. He screamed as the flames scorched not only his skin, but his very mind and soul. As he fell into oblivion, a deep and demonic laugh surrounded his mind…

Monday, 8 September 2008

Blog Patch#14

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:49:00 pm
  • Changed Link Heading
  • Shortened Links Description for readibility
  • Update Links' URL
  • Removed Obselete Links
  • Updated CountDown Timer
  • Added "Followers" Widget
  • Edited "Navigation Help" Portion
  • Edited "Postsrcipt" Portion
  • Added "Upcoming Events" Portion
  • Edited Headings for most Portions
  • Changed Positions of Designer acknowledgements
  • Moved the Background Song Code to a new portion called "Songs"
  • Added "Badges" Portion
Sunday, 7 September 2008

Insight on 4th Duel#1

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 9:30:00 pm
Recovered from a observer[Rescue Work Overseer]
6/9/2008[Earth Time Format]

Rescue work could have been completed.

BUT we always get delayed for some unknown reason, it's like a curse!!!

On the day of the conclusion of the duel, we sent a frigate with a team of rescuers to start the rescue work on the relic site. It took us around 5 days to reach there. We waste no time and started dispatching the team down to get the people and get the heck out of here.

The moment the team landed, my ship crew spotted a burning object on a crash course to the temple. However, the funny thing was that though it seems to be crashing, it was firing missiles at us like we were some enemy. Thankfully, we set up our shield in time to survive the fire.

Soon after it crash-landed, the entrance of the relic site was blocked by a volley of fuel-rod shot at a distance, I believe it should be the pilot of the mysterious object previously. Why did he want to stop us? I do not know, but I do know that now our team could not enter the temple until we clear the blockade. Since using magic would be faster than using a crane to lift the debris, we called for another frigate to bring in a team of mages to lift those blocks up.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Plan revealed to change background for Combineset Expiry Board

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:07:00 am
From Combineset Expiry Board
Possible Plan to change template
There has been some talk about changing the skin of the website. But none has been confirmed for which website.

It is supposed to be motivated by the Phase 2 of Project Background at http://combineset.bravehost.com/lab.html . More details will be shown, but the question is which website? Give your comments.

A website with the URL: http://leroyr.blogspot.com has been spotted to house the BETA version of the Expiry Board. Works are under way so feel free to enter there and comment
Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chronicles of Gods War I Update

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 2:39:00 pm
Progress Paused for Final Year Examinations
This was the decesion made by the makers of Chronicles of Gods

For more info in the future about this project, go http://combineset.bravehost.com/lab.html

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 2:51:00 am

Glance of Keller's Personal Life

Posted: 03 Sep 2008 09:28 AM CDT

Whao!!! I went to KUKUP yesterday, very fun HAHA :-) Did lots of things n the bus ride was so much shorter than expected, I secretly brought my psp along without parents knowing but also no bat' in the end HAHA lol. Firstly, we had breakfast, I ordered a yuan yang(coffee + tea) not too bad and also bread, funny why their bread is in 'li' not 'pian' and was very crowded so they had forgotten another bread and only gavr me one so I woas 'conned' which is a rather bad experience to me...few RM can be forgiven lolz. We were only given like 1/2 an hr free time and I bought fried carrot cake in the las 5 mins & share with yong liang>>> SUPRISINGLY its delicious!!! RM4.50 so reasonalbe. Then bought chewing gum, and vanila coke which singapore dun sell anymore. We went to this very lame pewter factory...really very lame cos we din see much, only the process and like there is nothing much to learn so the guide blah blah blah!!! and we went to a souveneir shop so I got a pewter chicken!!! Then we went to a fruit farm and it rain so we didn't see much WASTED! Played with fruits and sorts, will be lamed out if I tell...and I forgotten about most of that place cos its the worst farm I have been too... it didn't even look like a farm!!! We den went to mangrove, I had lots of fun there and monkeys even chased us lol<<>>went back home tats all

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Project Helping Hands reaches Beta

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 1:21:00 pm
A project jointly made by Nan Chiau High Infocomm Club and Combineset.co

A website made to cater to the needs of the community, specially for the hearing-impaired, to provide a platform to learn American Sign Language[ASL].

The website has interactive games and educational videos to illustrate basic words for ASL.

The website is now live! Visit and comment here on your findings:

We're also currently seeking organizations to collaborate with. Please contact us at nchs_infocomm@yahoo.com.sg

Sincere Thanks to all for your outstanding support!!!
Monday, 1 September 2008

4th Duel -- Doom

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 8:53:00 pm

The MCP[?] has been dragged into the war, as it acts as the mediator. It currently pick up the aftermaths of the duel.

6 order heroes have entered --- Red Dragon, Red Pheonix, Jason, Arbitor, Sharon, Vic
4 Chaos heroes have entered --- Resistance King, Dark Prince, Saint Mon, Dark Hermit

Same as 3rd Duel

What happened:
This is debatable[Still picking up the pieces], however, one thing's for sure, some weird things are happening.

At the conclusion of the duel, Grandmaster of OZ) appeared on the exit/entrance of the temple, looking tired. He later announced that the duel's a draw. As of writing this, 20 hours[Earth Time Format] past the conclusion of the duel, no one has objected to this.

However, some much details has been left out that MCP has decided to make a move, as a mediator for the war. MCP, as of 2 hours[Earth Time Format] after the conclusion, has sent two frigate to start rescue work for the retrieval of the heroes who had not returned since the end of the duel.

When the resuce work completes, maybe we can gain an insight on what really happened....

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