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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Modifed Appearance

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:20:00 pm
The new Built Version of this Website is out!!!!

To save uploading time, we have deleted un-used content from our website and has since then will not appear unless there is a need.

In Addition, Errors should have been fixed but if there is still bugs please inform us with our emails at the left column.

For those who wish to see the Combineset Latest Toto results, it will up soon and will inform all Toto buyers just in case we accidentally deleted the newsletter.

In the Near future, the URL will be changed to a fixed area so that won't be any changes in the far future to avoid confusion.

Your Most Heart-Warming
The Company
Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Rise of Mancers

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 5:00:00 pm

For many years, the Mancers were weak, however a new leader was determined make them stronger, he rallied the forever-at-war mancers together to build a Guild, the Mancer's Guild, this led to the rise of the Mancers, the leader was thus known as Mancer X... -The Mancer Codex

The move made by Mancer X led to several new classes to be added into the Mancer's, e.g.Rainbow Mancer, LoreMancer, etc. This attracted our attention and now, this class job is finally available to all human players!

The Mancer's Guild was originally built on the holy ground of Three Towns, however, when a war broke in Three Towns two years ago [Real-Time], they were forced to flee to the Void, aka Shadow Realms. Til now, it resides there, only those who found them can have the chance to join them or do battle with them.

However, some mancers still wander around the now Ruins of Dark Forest, aka Forsaken Woods, curious players can look out for them there too.

Additonal Snippet: Now AI Mancers are much more intelligent, this is partly because they're humans.

To qualify for the Mancer's Guild, you must:
  • be at least Lvl M23,
  • Master of your Element (not neccessary 1st class Element),
  • Help the Mancer Master do an errand.

Specialties of being Mancer

  1. Learn one tailor-made of your primary element ability that can be activated during all phases of battle, namely, attacking phase, counterattacking phase, creature attack phase, creature counterattack phase, summoning phase, preparation phase.
  2. Mancer can only use their tailor-made of your primary element ability once per phase, subject to mana cost.
  3. Upgradable class job up to 5 times.

Upgrading to 2nd Job and above

  1. To advance to a higher level of this class job, you must complete a task that your District Mancer Master gifts you.
  2. Upon completeing, you advance to in class and additional quest awards.
  3. Quests are bt random according to the class job you're currently in.

Advancing to Mancer Master

  1. You must be a 3rd Job (1st primary element)Mancer and (2nd Primary Element)Mancer to become the 4th Job Mancer Master.
  2. Upon becoming Mancer Master, you will have the ability of a combination, (depending on your primary element), spell.

Players who have found the Guild


Players who are members of the Guild


qThis page will be refreshed whenever there is change.q

+ Abilities of Mancers &%&

1st Class Element Mancers

2nd Class Element Mancers

3rd Class Element Mancers

FireMancer -- Fiery Swipes(Attack spell)

Under Construction-When done, you will be informed through Hem eXa.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Is leroy Your Friend? Please Respond!!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 11:31:00 am
myYearbook friend request
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Is leroy your friend?
myYearbook friend request yesmyYearbook friend request no
Please respond or leroy will think you said no :(
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Monday, 1 October 2007

STS Update

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 5:20:00 pm
Hi again!

There has been a update on the favourite Tribe Crystal Getting Quest, STS

Now there is 2 types of STS:

  1. The Classic Version (1v1)
  2. Legendary Mode (4v4) [Very Difficult]

I believe the Legendary Mode has been explained at my earlier post and i doubt there is any change,


Destroy the enemies' stronghold.

Optional Quest:

Gather all the Tribe Crystal Fragment and bring them to the Extractor, atMiddle Lane

(Terran Beacon)to get all the bonus.

The bonus are:

One Tribe Crystal Fragment - Increase in-game salary by 25!

Two Tribe Crystal Fragment - Dark Forces come to your Aid! Dark Warriers will help in combat.

Three Tribe Crystal Fragment - You get a new hero! - Invincible Marine(in-game only)
To be revised, check later post.

Four Tribe Crystal Fragment - You get a new hero! - Legendary Carrier / Battlecruiser(in-game only)

Three are two Tribes currently available in this map: oZ) or DA

Many Balance is being made and so it is still in Beta. The latest map will be available in Starcraft.org>Advanced Search>Combineset ;)

Quick Links:

Vers B4.0 - http://www.starcraft.org/maps/scums/MultiplayerUMS/Combineset%20STS%20-%20Beginning%20Beta4.0

Vers B5.0 - http://www.starcraft.org/maps/scums/MultiplayerUMS/Combineset%20STS%20-%20Beginning%20Beta5.0

Vers B6.0 - http://www.starcraft.org/maps/scums/MultiplayerUMS/Combineset%20STS%20-%20Beginning%20Beta6.0

Vers1.0.0.0 - not Complete

After downloading the map, put into the Starcraft Map Folder.

Note: You need Starcraft I: Brood War to play.

To be updated, check Expiry Board for sub-updates.

Starcraft II is coming out in year 2008!
Visit the Official Website for Game Details now!

Written by: GM Lim
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