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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

AMULETS: Psychic Amulet[Type-A]

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:49:00 pm
Background Information:
When a player reaches Lv.W1 and above, he or she is applicable to acquire one of the eight amulets by going to the Elite battling Tower and meet Mr.Mosou.

All Concept art of the amulets are out.
We're currently polishing them into CG images.

Introducing the Psychic Amulet[Type-A]!

Concept Art:
Psychic Amulet Concept
Polished Look:
Psychic Amulet
Note: All Amulets acquired from the Mr.Mosou have unknown properties, it is up to the user to discover its potential.
Thursday, 25 December 2008

SPELLS: Death From Above!

Published by Leroy Lim under , , on 1:35:00 pm
Death from Above Lv.1[FIRE][TYPE-A]
Hurls up a huge fireball that splits into 15 fire bolts and spread out in a fan-like manner, hitting targets in a vertical line.
Each Fire bolt does 100 fire damage, fire bolt will deal additional 400 fire damage if the target has the status of "ROCKED"
Target can be hit by the fire bolts more than once.

Death from Above Lv.1[WIND][TYPE-B]
Using the power of the wind, the caster summons a strong gust and haul it towards a targeted area in a cone-like manner.
The devastating force of the wind deals 300 wind damage to units buffered in the targeted area.
Units that can be affected includes both foes and non-foes. Use this spell with caution.
Units cannot be hit more than once by the spell that was cast by the same person in one turn.
Death from Above Lv.2[EARTH]
Using the power of the Earth, the caster lifts up a gigantic boulder from the ground and throw it towards the target with deadly accuracy.
The giant boulder deals 300 Earth damage on impact and has 5% Chance to cause the target to flinch next turn.
Target gets the status of "ROCKED" for 1 turn upon hit by spell.
[Slows speed by 10% for 1 turn]

Spell only affect a target.
Spell cannot miss.
Spell cannot be blocked without the aid of Magic Circles[?].

Death from Above Lv.3[WATER][ELECTRICITY]
Requirements before able to cast spell:
  1. Caster must know the spell "Rain Spell" or "Rain Dance"
  2. Caster must know the spell "OutSpark"
Having mastered the spells of water and lightning, the caster calls upon a sudden downpour that ended as quickly as it ended and spark electricity on the falling water droplets at inhuman speed, creating a electric cage that hurts all but the caster.

Water Droplets deals 0~0 water damage.
OutSpark deals 600 electric damage due to its widespread effect that surrounds the battlefield.

Shell Shock

[Targets have 15% chance of getting stunned and loses his or her next turn.]
Power Overload
[Machines will have 100% Chance of getting stunned and loses its next turn.]

Spell Removes previous weather conditions in the battlefield.
Spell creates a neutral weather condition as a after-effect of the spell.
Spell hits the entire battlefield.
Spell cannot miss. Spell cannot be blocked.
Spell cannot be cast by caster at his or her next turn.

Death from Above Lv.4[PSYCHIC][EARTH]
Requirements before able to cast spell:
  1. Caster must know the spell "PSYCHIC"
Using the intense power of the mind, the caster lifts up the target and swing it towards a targeted area(or secondary target), hard. The caster then grips the target with his or her willpower, preventing the target from breathing, causing massive damage hereafter.

Main target receives 500~600 Earth Damage and is immobile for the next turn unless the caster makes a move which will remove the spell effect on the target and enable target to be able to cast spells and use physical attacks again.
Secondary target(if any) receives 300~500 Earth Damage.

Imposed Death

[If caster does nothing to disrupt his willpower imposed on the main target for his or her next turn, causing the target not able to breathe and suffers 10000 Soul Damage.]
Intense Pressure
[If caster does nothing to disrupt his willpower imposed on the main target for his or her next turn and the target is a machine, the intense pressure totally crushes its body, dealing 100% of the target's maximum health.]

The drain of using mental power was too great, the caster cannot cast Psychic Spells for his or her next 3 turns.[This includes this spell.]
Spell affect only one main target and one secondary target due to the limits of one's mental powers.
Spell cannot miss. Spell can only be blocked if the target has a greater Magic Level[?] than the caster.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Poll results for Golden Sword Requirements

Published by Leroy Lim under on 11:49:00 pm
The Poll for the Golden Sword Strength Requirements has finally ended.

Here are the results:

casinos poll

As you can see, by majority of the votes, the Golden Sword now have Strength Requirements.

The Post featuring the sword has been updated.

Click here to view the post.

Thanks for Voting!

Build Vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 6:37:00 pm
  • Mass Cleaning of section "Link Highway Web" - All obsolete links removed.
  • Updated Poll Section as announced earlier.
  • Updated "Words of Wisdom" Section.
  • Edited Several posts for spelling errors.
  • Removed Temporary posts.
  • Cleaned All sections with unnecessary code. This is to improve website loading time.
  • "..." Section Split into two sections to fit its role more properly.
  • "..." Section moved to the bottom of page.
Tuesday, 23 December 2008

ABOUT: Satans

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:18:00 pm
"We seek not to corrupt, we seek to kill"-Arc Satanist

Satans are the counterpart to Gods in the Mutliverse of Combineset, they exist as opposites of each other. Like Light and Dark.

During the Great War that the Gods and the Satans struggled for the control of the Mortal Realm, the Satans lost due to losing support from the Mortals in the Mortal Realm.

As a result, the Satans were pushed away from the Mortal Realm, sealed away in Abyss. The two portals that link from the Abyss to Gartur Barrens, and indirectly to the rest of the Realms.

One was sealed away with the power of a unworldy crystal which held a vast pool of power that contained more power than a god or a satan himself. To make sure that the crystal is safe from the Satans, the crystal was placed on the other side of the portal, not in Abyss, in Gartur Barrens.
The exact location of the crystal was never known, no one had managed to find it in Gartur Barrens.
The crystal was hence named Beschützer.

The other portal exit was constructed to become hell, where souls are decided for exile to the abyss. The place is guarded by angels to prevent an outbreak from the location and allow the Satans to break free from its timeless prison.

However, their long presence corrupted some of the Gods which led to Gods War I & II.
The gods who were corrupted were known by many as the Fallen Gods...

"We seek not to kill, we seek to enlighten"-Satan Vaper
See Also:
Monday, 22 December 2008


Published by Leroy Lim under on 5:03:00 pm
A crystal whose discovery are not known to all but the Gods, it is a powerful relic that contains a vast amount of power that can be lethal enough to disable a god totally.

How such an artefact comes into existence is clearly disturbing but it serves the gods a purpose - to seal the Satans in their place, never to wreck havoc on the Mortal Realm once more.

Not much is known about the crystal because of the fact that no living mortal have found it.

Legends points it to Gartur Barrens and it's located in a landmark called "Portal of Glory"

The Legends describe the landmark as a shrine with the crystal surrounded by white Greek pillars with no roofs and the weather there is calm.
Sunday, 21 December 2008

ABOUT: Table of Bliss

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:42:00 pm
According to several books and Legends, after the Satans were banished to the Abyss, they came to rule that region.
There were a total of 5 Satans and they were thought to have become a ruling party in Abyss, which came to be known as the Table of Bliss....
Hierarchy de la Table of Bliss

The first is the highest position in the Table of Bliss:
  1. The Boundless
  2. Vice Satan
  3. Sat Deathist
  4. Satan Vaper
  5. Arc Satanist
The Satans are sometimes called by their numbers. For example, Arc Satanist is also known as 5th Satanist.
Each Controls a different aspect of Abyss.

The Chief Satan directs the Table of Bliss.
The 2nd Satanist see to the training of the worthy.
The 3rd Satanist see to the deaths of the unworthy and unloyal.
The 4th Satanist is the appointed Preacher of Chaos.
The 5th Satanist is the appointed Warlord.

Note: It is not clear who are the worthy.
Saturday, 20 December 2008

Satans: Arc Satanist

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:07:00 pm
True Name: Not Known
Other Names: Arc Satanist; Lord of Arc; 5th Satanist;
Location: Fabled to be in Abyss.
Fabled 5th Satanist in the Table of Bliss[?].
According to the Legends, Arc Satanist was an Expert Controller of Magic Circle who could exercise powerful magic within a few seconds.
Appointed Warlord in the Table of Bliss[?].
Fabled to have Hellites as its bodyguard.
No living mortal have seen Arc Satanist.
Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Event 2008

Published by Leroy Lim under on 3:04:00 pm

Christmas once more.

Sigh Time passes so fast even our Successor Johnston Tang says we're getting older. HAHAs...

Alright back to business:
->Christmas Exchange Link<- To get to use the Christmas Exchange, you will have to complete a event first. It's rather simple. It will be located at Giftland. The reason we want it to simple is to make sure that majority gets it. One reap what one sows. :D Events for Christmas 2008 [20 December 2008~20January 2009]:
ABOUT: Save World Christmas

Global Warming is threatening to end our Christmas, or is it?

Winter have arrived but it's not snowing snowflakes. It's snowing blazing snowflakes!


Here's a sample:

It's burning everything it touches. AHH!

What's causing this chaos?

Is it Mother Nature?

Or is it a evildoer's doing?

It comes to you and your band of friend to find out as you journey to Mt.Volcan where the heat source is abnormally the highest in the region.

What's happening inside?

Join us in this merry fight against the unknown firemaker!

Xydonia yields, says MCP

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:12:00 am
Moments just after an advance group were stationed near the empire, the Xydonia Empire declares that it will surrender its excess nuclear arms to be destroyed without further notice.

As promised, MCP will remove all sanctions from the Xydonia Empire, as long as the excess are entirely removed from the empire.

The Xydonia Empire could not be contacted for further comments.
MCP had considered it as a milestone to further peace and says it proves MCP's success.

Have peace finally been achieved in this sector of the world? Who knows....
Thursday, 18 December 2008

☛Journey Towards Ruins☚

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:18:00 am
☥Return of Questmaster☥
Journey Towards Ruins
Prequel to the ☗Legend of Abyss☗
A great day at GunBound City, if it was not so doomed by the fires of the Chaos on the that very day. Ah, I remember the gardens that I have just started to grow with advice from a new resident from the nearby village. He's a farmer and have talent in teaching people how to farm. Pity, he was slain in battle on that day. Perhaps he made an unwise move, coming to this city.

The attack was totally unexpected. By Durnik's Hammer, they stroke without a sound, the guards fell without so much more than a whimper.
Nevertheless, the heroes in the city felt a evil presence, as do I. Such presence do not often appear in this city but those venture out of this city and battled for the creatures beyond know what does this presence signify - Monsters abound.

Oh, we put up a great fight alright. The townsmen ran, not knowing anything about combat, having living in this city for their entire lifetime. They ran and I'm glad they ran, we were too busy fending off the monsters to have time to coax to run.
Some of the unfortunate civilians were killed as the monsters sole purpose is to kill, and kill it did. Many lives were lost that day.

Seeing that the city is lost, I called for all the defenders to flee, I wager we can always take back this city.
It was then, a black ruby dragon appeared. Not good, a extreme rare monster presence never do good. It had a rider. I couldn't see clearly though. No matter, we're running, a black ruby dragon would difficult to defeat alone, not to mention the rider. Not to mention the rampaging monsters everywhere.
The city was in blaze, the city gates can't hold much longer either, the sheer weight of the dragon is crushing it.
Then the rider saw me, I don't how I knew but I could feel its gaze.
The next moment I knew, the dragon was coming for me. I cast haste on myself and jumped to a crumbling tower roof.
The dragon below slammed its head on the concrete floor. Hah!
But it would take much more than to take it down. I jumped once more, onto the outskirts of the Gunbound City.
That's when the rider cast Star Blight. Darn! Not many people know such a spell.
I was blinded slightly by the outburst of light out of nowhere and all of sudden, there was no light as if light itself have been sucked from its very existence.
Knowing that , standing still would do me no good other than getting caught, I moved quickly, hoping that the darkness would soon disappear...

Then I heard a chilling voice, "Pitiful, once a great hero who helped slain the dark king in Shadow Realm, and now a blind fool. Have you not come to your senses, Questmaster, serving the Order will bring nowhere, serving the Boundless on the other hand...." He left it hanging but what he said was enough to freeze me on my tracks.

The Boundless, impossible, just a tale. No one seen him, not to mention even knows such a name.

I laughed at the unseen speaker, "You're from the Chaos Faction, isn't it? Why do you lie it so? Who're you, anyhow?"
A smug from the other side, "We're and we're not. You know not even a speck of the reality of this wretched world. Shall I bring you to the Boundless? And feel how true he is?" came the reply, along with a mad laughter.
I did not reply, I had an idea. A bold idea to make me escape. I begin to cast...
"Such feeble attempts will bring you no good. You can't harm as long as you can't see, MORTAL..." - he spoke with contempt.
"ha, you mistaken me. I'm off!" I replied.
Here's comes the bold part.

Truth was I teleporting blindly. Oh well, let's see where fate would put me into...

Light....My eyes was blinded by the sudden intense light after seeing total darkness for so long.
It took me some time for my eyes to adapt to the normal lighting here.

And I see a guild, or should I see a destroyed guild.

Durnik's Hammer! This is where the once glorious Keepers of Time once resided!
What had happened to it. It's all in ruins.

I went in and explored. Looks abandoned, no sight of a living thing in there.

It was then, I notice a single book laying on the shelves in a room.

It writes ⚠Abyss⚠" - by Alex, DragonSlayer.

Wonder what's inside and how come it is the only book left?
Curious, I read on....
The Story continues in the ☗Legend of Abyss☗...
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Satans: The Boundless

Published by Leroy Lim under on 5:27:00 pm
True Name: Not Known.
Other Names: Chief Satan; The Boundless;
Location: Fabled to be in Abyss.
Fabled Leader of the Satans who were sealed away by the combined might of the Gods when the Mutliverse came into being.
Used in bedtime stories by parents to scare their child should they misbehave.
Never seen by any living mortals before.

MCJ's Ultimatum to Xydonia

Published by Leroy Lim under on 2:07:00 pm
Weeks after the resolution of the MCJ was publicly announced, the Xydonia Empire have not made any move to remove its excess nuclear arms.
This came from the G.R.S.U.N.'s report and the sanctions have made to prevent trade with the Xydonia Empire.
Having no visible effect on the Empire, several nations have urged MCP to use force to act against such empire to show an example to others.
In a conference in MCP last Sunday[ETF], the senates have decided to send an ultimatum to Xydonia Empire.

Hereas writes:
The Accused had undermined the MCP and therefore showed no respect for the MCP.
The MCP have decided to show the Empire the might of the Multiverse who had joined in one voice to rid all violence in this Multiverse.
Let the Accused cower in the wake of danger ahead of her.
And another message was sent to the rest of the nations:
The Accused have showed disrespect to the Multiverse community, including you all.
Our national pride does not allow that.
As such, the MCP encourages nations to sends their troops to bend the Accused to removing excess Nuclear Arms for the peace for Multiverse.
The price of peace is high but we're willing to pay for this very purpose we stand.
Gods War II have just ended and it seems that the Xydonia Empire is brewing another war..on herself.
What will happen now? Stay tuned...
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Lands: Gartur Barrens

Published by Leroy Lim under on 2:30:00 pm
|Land|-->Gartur Barrens<---|Guide|

Location: Proclaimed Centre of the universe by most. Exact Location Unknown.
Other names: Gartur Plains; Hall of Mirrors;
"Gartur Barrens exists in no Realm but its own, in no worlds but one itself, serving as a passage between portals, that links to all and none." - Book of Prophecies

Such a contradictory statement as stated above, once confused many before this very land was found which opened the path to Elemental Realm and Watcher's Guild and many beyond, unexplored.
The Book of Prophecies said it serves as a passage between portals, that links to all yet at the same time none. Some feel that, the Gartur Barrens links to all but there come a time when it will fail its purpose. Other says that Gartur Barrens links to all who can find the passage and none to those who can't.
Whatever theory we may have, that statement still remains a mystery which is perhaps why few people venture out into the Gartur Barrens and travel beyond the horizon.
You can't really blame them, there really isn't enough profit to gain from such an journey. To travel to the Elemental Realms alone, one must be prepared to be lost several times even with a guide and map due to its devious nature of Gartur; and upon reaching Elemental Realm, you will not be welcomed as the people of the Elemental Realm do not like people who interferes with its affairs. Yes, even trade.
And who would want to journey into Hell, there simply nothing to gain there except death.
Ah, yes you may want to argue that for fame since if you do find some unknown land. But be warned, few return from the travels and even few travelled beyond the land we already know.
Perhaps, if you're brave, go and find something useful in that wasteland...

Aye, you read right. Rumours. Such a mysterious land would be strange indeed if they weren't any rumours about it.
Some say that Gartur Barrens is named so because it is a magic-barren land, meaning that whoever is inside it cannot be affected by magic nor cast magic. This claim cannot be really verified as tests gave strange results such as sometimes magic could be cast, and sometimes it could not. Creatures spawned from magic doesn't seem affected by it though. Magical Items are also reported to malfunction occasionally.
Another claims that Gartur Barrens play with one's mind and therefore often cause people to be lost, seeing different things on the map and even to compasses. Some even report that they see impossible images while in Gartur Barrens. However, seeing different things on the map may be due to the user mis-reading the map or even not in top condition, causing hallucination. Compasses could be due to the gravitational differences in that land. The images conjured could have been mirages though the images saw were...disturbing...

Map of Gartur Barrens
As of Year 2008[ETF]
Saturday, 13 December 2008

Special (late) Report: Victor of Gods War II

Published by Leroy Lim under on 11:18:00 pm
This Special Report is brought to you by Hem eXa, A Branch of MDH.
The Victor of the Battle between the two Forgotten Gods had emerged. As too, the Victor of the year-long Gods War II have finally been decided -- The Order! As ironic as it is, the war was not decided by the number of victories achieved through warfare nor the victories acquired at duels.

It does bring some foresight in how a Gods War is fought, huh? No?

Hmm, maybe an explanation is in order.

From this Gods War, since the first ever in history was ages ago and I believe none actually witnessed it except the immortals who walked this Realm since the Beginning of Time, we can see that the conflict between the tribes were more or less for their personal profit. To gain more land for their tribe and gain higher status.
Already, a few tribes are on the verge of collapse though such a collapse is not confirm since it's rare to see a tribe being entirely destroyed, requiring every single tribe crystal to be destroyed.
Not to mention that tribes are hard to be founded in the first place.

GunBound City was one of the most memorable city to have fallen since it was an neutral city for so long, a popular spot amongst heroes, and did not directly took part in the war until the Chaos Faction made a move to seize the city which proved fatal after it set off a chain reaction from the Republic and vowed vengeance for the lives that were lost on that day.

Many heroes were lost on this day, half of the Republic's heroes are put out of action, not able to operate for a long while which severely crippled its attack force, having to rely on troops.

The Chaos Faction have also suffered much from the conflict.

But many had been asking what had happened between the two Forgotten Gods.
Yes, exactly what happened, I hope I can picture well enough for you all.

The Forgotten Gods were heading towards each other to moment the they had landed on the Mortal Realm.

Such hatred is not to be reckoned with, you will know why later after I explain.

The moment they met, the mood was intense. Their eyes locked on each other, if the Fallen god Distrust had any visible eyes to start with, and man, I was there with other some other witnesses who had managed to arrive watch this extraordinary event, and the ground around them actually tremble like the world going to fall apart.
As if that wasn't scary enough, a gigantic magic circle was installed, the biggest I ever seen.

It just simply spawned in between them. But that appearance created a spark in Arun which made the first blow.
To be frank with you, I'm not sure it was the appearance of the magic circle which was created or something that Distrust said to him that caused such an outrage.

But I must say, for such a grand battle, the fight was rather disappointing but despite that the moment before the blow was dealt was tense indeed.

With Arun charging with the True Sword of Justice, Golden Sword, Distrust prepared itself to parry the blow. It enchanted its sword in such a way that the swords glows in greyish light.
This is not entirely surprising as Distrust is also the god of Wind. The element colour of wind have always been grey.

When the blow was dealt, gusts of wind blew towards us as a invisible wall of force hit us back from the impact of the blow.
When I manage to stand up again, I saw the gods were still. Arun was still dealing the blow, Distrust was parrying the blow.
Then, all of a sudden, Distrust backed a step. He said something then simply vanished. One blow was all it took, seems a bit easy, huh?

The MCP later classified this as a sign of defeat or retreating while majority of the world consider that Arun slain Distrust.
However, the MCP had urged that such assumption had not been proven by evidence and therefore should proceed with such beliefs with caution.

Well, most simply forgo MCP's advice after the Chaos Faction surrendered, agreeing to return the land it conquered from the Order and the Fallen Gods have disappeared as well.

However, most disturbing of all is, as some of you have heard, that undeads have gone into hiding as well. Why do they have to do such a thing?

So many questions, so little answered.

F.Y.I. Arun have gone missing once more and LightBlade's prophecy have not been fulfilled yet...
-Mr Smith, Chief Reporter for Hem eXa
Thursday, 11 December 2008

Build vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 1:23:00 am
  • Updated upcoming Event for Coming Christmas event.
  • Tweaked some settings in Cbox, Cbox now support user avatars. Simply type in the URL of your avatar in the Email/URL area. The avatar should be shown when posted. Note: Cbox does not recognise .ico as a image format, there may be other unidentified format so if possible, use .gif or .jpg. Thank you.
  • Updated Links[Removed Obsolete Links and added new Affiliated webs]
  • Updated the Music Playlist for changes in Media and songs.
  • Poll still not removed as the post is not done.
  • Removed some tracking code to prevent errors to be reported when users enters this website.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Official Logo for Combineset

Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:20:00 pm
Greetings all,

A new Combineset logo has been made since the prior one is dated on the Beta Version which we're no longer in.
Efforts have made to make it resemble the previous logo.
If you have noticed, we will not go ahead in replacing the Arabic numbers with the Roman numbers yet.
New Logo:

Combineset 4 Distrust
The Gallery of Logos can be viewed ->here<-
Tuesday, 2 December 2008

About Stories from "World Of Chaos"

Published by Leroy Lim under on 8:54:00 pm
Please note that all chapters that are posted here may not be the final and edited version of the chapters as to allow readers to read them as soon as possible.

If you wish to read the latest(and hopefully corrected) version of the chapters, please do visit http://worldofchaos297.blogspot.com/ . This would support us as well. :D

Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
Grandmaster of OZ)
Leroy Lim
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