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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Build Vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:00:00 am
  1. Changed Music Player from IMEEM Music Player to ODEO Player.
  2. Improved ODEO Player as of Build Version.
    • Made player Auto-Start.
    • Music Will only play once
    • The song played has been changed to "Ghost Blood" - Pandora Hearts OST
  3. Secret War Journals now only show one entry at a time. To view older entires, either click on the bottom older Posts or use the archives. This change is due to longer loading time from overwhelming posts being shown in one page. The previous version showed 50 entries at one go.
  4. Edited "|->>Navigation Help<<-|" Section. Visitors to this website are no longer referred to as "Fans" but "Mortals".
  5. Added Singapore National Day Countdown Timer in "Upcoming Events" Section to raise awareness of Singapore's coming Birthday on August.
This is a rather short update since most of the bugs from the new layout is fixed. Hence, the monthly updates will end with this. Details about the next update will be notified to you through the "Upcoming Events" Section.
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