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Monday, 30 November 2009

ϧ Hellites ϧ

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:00:00 am
"Hellites, Honour Guards of the Rulers of Abyss, are creatures of pure evil. Like a wraith, it seeks its prey; Like death, it comes...For the day shalt come when it roams free again in the Mortal Realm, and bring back calamity once more..."

- Book of Legends

♨ϧ Hellites ϧ♨

"I wanted to see one...And I was fool to had wished for it..."

- Alex, DragonSlayer
Basic Information:
  • HP: Not Known
  • MP: Not Known
  • ATK: 7'000 [Melee]
  • DEF: 12'000
  • Speed: 120

  • Cast Doom|Nation [Spell]
    A spell of pure evil that rains death to those who comes into contact with it...

    1. Cost 90'000 MP to cast.
    2. Instantly kills all creatures(except caster) whose Defence is lower than 10'000.
    3. Abyss Units are immune to this spell
    4. All other creatures with Defence above 10'000 is unaffected by the spell.

  • Cries from Abyss [Spell]
    Unleashing a cry unlike anything heard before, it causes intense pain

    1. Stuns all creatures with Strength lower than 3000 for 2 turns.
    2. Lowers all non-Abyssia Creatures's Defence by 10'000 for 2 turns.
    3. Lowers all non-Abyssia Creatures's Attack by 5'000 for 2 turns.
    4. Creatures with Strength lower than 1'000 will have their remaining health reduced to 20% of their maximum health or receives 2000 Damage, whichever higher.

  • Helkite [Add-on]
  • The double-edged blade that Hellites would always wield, this blade cuts to the victim's very soul and could send them to the point of no return...
    Its properties are unknown though it is generally believed to be enchanted by some obscure magic.
  • Rune Beam [Spell]
    The Helkite glows as the Hellite as incite some chant..

    1. Cost 1'000 MP to cast.
    2. Requires two turns to cast.
    3. Instantly destroys anything caught in the Rune Beam's Path.
    4. Spell lasts for 5 seconds, during which it spans 5km from point of casting.
    5. Spell is not homing.
    6. It is known, so far, that Spell can only be blocked by Focused Dragon Shield Lv.4.

  • Frost Touch [Passive]
    Even without the Helkite, it is still a lethal foe.

    1. Upon attack, the target is chilled, the target will have its speed reduced by 20% and Defence lowered by 5%. Chilled Effects can stack.
    2. Lowers target's INT by 30 for 1 turn.

  • Semi-Phantom Body [Passive]
    Hellites resembles Phantoms but are visible.

    1. Gives 25% chance to Evade incoming damage.
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