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Wednesday, 19 April 2006


Published by Leroy Lim under on 4:19:00 pm

Sry for being inactive but i will be inactive for about a month or so....(going to vacation)

Also when you see gundam seed pics and a small triangle pic then it means that it is a normal messege and not really related to game but i might give hints to better playing in my game...

So long everybody I know
Signature of Grandmaster of combineset.co©
Monday, 10 April 2006


Published by reuben under on 6:08:00 pm

its me,reuben!i hav join ur guild liao .im a newbie so pls take good care of me.


Published by Marc under , on 6:04:00 pm
Hello all,just to tell u some tips on questworld,according to my past both painful and enjoyable experiences.

1. LISTEN to leroy and u might get some useful info which might be to your advantage though.DONT ask him to shut up.

2. DONT go wild and start goin berserk,killing every1 u meet, in the future they will haunt u. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

3. Dont OVERESTIMATE urself and go hunting for high level monsters. why waste ur experience?

4. When leroy says "O.....K" u noe u made the wrong decision.

Thats all folks!!!

Celebration cum changes in game

Published by Leroy Lim under on 3:06:00 pm

i will wish to thank christopher for joining our website noticeboard and i hope he will be active in it and help make this website known to the entire world.He is our 2nd master for your info and he may be able to post any info he wants to post in this website

Now to the main point for writing this entry in this website.I may be rushing now as I writing it for the second time(that entry had been deleted accidently)so sry for writing in a hurry.

Due to popular demand,we decided to give out the gifts for Good Friday at 10/04/2006 instead of 14/04/2006.This was decided by the order of the giftgivers and maybe you will thank them for that!

Sadly,good news often accompany bad news and this is no different.
They are:
  1. With effect of 8/04/2006,the order of creatures had decided to train all monsters to hide and cloak.Thus, the chances of finding a creatures has been lowered by 10%
  2. Quests might become harder as the order of questsgivers are debating whether to make those quests a bit more difficult for travellers and heroes alike.

That's all for now!Good bye!

yours truely,


Grandmaster of combineset.co

For more info,kindly state it in the personlized chatroom

Friday, 7 April 2006

Published by Grand Timespirit under on 8:56:00 pm
My new soilders
Settlers welcome!
get ur swords and guns and fight to the END! Tat pic there is FOR LEROY!!! Fight and create alliances ok?

Hi! im BACK!

Published by Grand Timespirit under on 8:45:00 pm
Well Well Well looks lik Leroy started tis party without me. My ranking (2nd master) Introduce myself my name is christopher my lvl ub2 and how do u play tis?giving out free elemental swords at the chatroom!


Published by Marc under on 7:03:00 pm
to all,includin keller there is a treasure trove hidden in the mist of the eternity forest,let me tell u a few of its contents,i class 3 sword(the best type of sword)complete with level 40 specialty a class 3 spell which can kill most of of the monsters and a class 3 orb plus millions of gold bars.i dont want to get this as i have all the above and i also i want to give u a chance...leroy also says this.Gd Luck!!!!!
Wednesday, 5 April 2006

hi!leader-in-charge to war room....

Published by BEHOLD!: OZ) RampageLeader under on 10:01:00 am


although i hav not change the subject in the website
i hope you all will visit there and feel free to make chaos in there
(bad words allowed)

oh and sorry for not blogging for a month!
Tuesday, 4 April 2006

New weapens cum polls results!

Published by Leroy Lim under on 5:04:00 pm

Yo heroes!

long time no blog makes my hand itchy i guess but anyway, we hav more weapens and spells coming to quest world!(Eg.bomb shower,blaxing sword,and much more!)
so is that a gd news,no?

oh, by the way.the monthly poll has been renewed and you guys voted that you all want the polls and the links.
thank you all!

also check out our new polls for our monthly polls!!!!
thank you for that too!

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