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Thursday, 25 June 2009

☡Flesh Golems☡

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:00:00 am
"The idea behind the summoning of the flesh golems had been the milestone to breaking the traditional idea of the presence of rock in a golem. The dark wizards came together and used the corpses they had gathered to create an abomination which would listen to their commands. However, once the dark wizards are long gone, came the reckoning of the master-less flesh golems before it was finally banished to the Abyss..."

- Book of Legends
"Flesh Golems, as compared to the Rotting Golems, are weaker in many sense. Flesh Golems are simply made of human flesh, magically strengthened to withstand strong attacks from its opponents. Once the seal that bind the pieces of flesh are broken, it self-destructs in a harmless fashion."

- Alex, DragonSlayer
Basic Information:
  • HP: 2500
  • MP: 100
  • ATK: 200 [MELEE]
  • DEF: 50
  • Speed: 10

  • Cast Slam [Spell]
    Being magically strengthened, it can slam the ground to impale nearby units.

    1. Cost 0 MP to cast; 3 turns cooldown
    2. Deals 500 earth damage to units in 0.5m radius; 50 earth damage to units farther away. Does not affect flying or phantom units.
    3. Stuns units in 0.5m radius for 1 turn. Does not affect flying or phantom units.
Wednesday, 24 June 2009

☣Rotting Golems☣

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:00:00 am
"Rotting Golems are feared for its brutality and aggressiveness. It is considered a miracle if one is to go near and comes back. However, despite this, Rotting Golems are a bloated form of its weaker cousin - Flesh Golems."
- Alex, DragonSlayer
Basic Information:
  • HP: 5000
  • MP: 100
  • ATK: 0 [MELEE]
  • DEF: 10
  • Speed: 5
  • Unholy Rot [Passive]
    Even the smell of them would make you wish you hadn't smelled it. *Vomit*
    1. Deals 500 damage per turn to all units in a 1m radius.
    2. Rotting Golems are immune to this.
    3. Does not affect Mechanical units.
    4. Affects items[Organic].
  • Body Slam [Spell]
    1. Cost 0 MP to cast.
    2. Deals damage equivalent to its current health to its victims.
    3. Kills the Rotting Golem and causes an explosion which deals 1000 Fire Damage to units in 0.5m radius.
    4. 50% Chance of stunning affected units for 3 turns; also moves them 10m away from source of explosion.
  • Summon Spiked Club [Spell]
    1. Cost 10 MP to cast; 3 turns cooldown
    2. Has 1500 HP; Can be affected by Unholy Rot.
    3. Temporarily increases user's ATK by 500; this is in effect as long as it is equipped.
    4. 15% Chance to inflict additional 200 Earth Damage upon each successive attack.
Tuesday, 23 June 2009

♟The "Divided" Plan♟

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 6:30:00 am
After much persuasion and pressure from several divisions and communities, the Republic Council has finally given us the nod to release the details of the secret message that was sent over to them allegedly from the Grandmaster of OZ).

Our guess were right, the previous text that we published earlier were just an fragment of the message. The Republic had apparently divided messages into parts so as to prevent thieves, such as those who got hold of the first part, from understanding the full message intended for the recipients.

The Republic have, of course, generously supplied us the entire message so as to give a full and detailed report on it. The full message is rather written in a haste and therefore, it is not very logical of us to show them here. As we can see from the first part already, the author used a lot of acronyms. As such, after interpreting the message, we believe that:
  1. The Abyssia Army had reached Elemental Realm
  2. Apparently, not everyone there supported the presence of the Abyssia Army
  3. Plan to stir some commotion to create a divided state with two camps:
    1. Those who supported the rule of the Abyss
    2. Those who oppose the rule of the Abyss
  4. The ulterior motive is to sought for allies in there and ultimately buy time for us to build up defences.
There, we have summarised one-lengthy-page message into a few points!

Hopefully, which is the Republic's and our's objective, this has helped in understanding what lies ahead for us.

People, the threat of war is real, do not be complacent.
Monday, 22 June 2009

Build Vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 12:00:00 am
  • Re-added "Contributors" Section which was accidentally lost when moving over to the new layout and went unnoticed until recently.
  • Edited "Entries" section to include 'The date the entry was posted' to inform readers when it was posted, including time. This was previously removed from the change of template which led to some confusion among readers.
  • Changed layout for "Upcoming Events" Section. This change is to suit the new theme of the website layout.
  • Added a text string of "--" after the Entry title and Date to signal the start of the entry's content body. This is to avoid confusion since the colour of both texts are similar.
  • Added new Label for entries -&gt; "Abyssia War"
  • Added icons next to links to:
    * Home
    * Expiry Board
    * Posts RSS
    * Comments RSS
  • Added support for Yuki's Blog (Last posted at, Favicon) in "---Link Highway Web---" Section
  • Added support for Combineset's officially affiliated Websites (Last posted at, Favicon) in "---Link Highway Web---" Section
  • Added support for "NCHS 4D'2009 Blog" (Last posted at, Favicon) in "---Link Highway Web---" Section
  • Added support for Emelia's Blog (Last posted at, Favicon) in "---Link Highway Web---" Section
  • Added support for Johnston's Blog (Last posted at, Favicon) in "---Link Highway Web---" Section
  • All links in "---Link Highway Web---" Section should have Favicon support now and it will be shown next to the links unless the connection was terminated before it was rendered.
  • All Prior bugs for "|-&gt;&gt;Navigation Menu&lt;&lt;-|"section should be fixed. There should not be anymore broken links.
How to add support for your blog/website for "---Link Highway Web---" Section?
It's very simple!

  1. Go to your blogger Dashboard(if using blogger)
  2. Go Layout(if using Layouts for your blog)
  3. Go Edit HTML(for those using layouts for blog)/Go edit your index.html(for website)/Go edit Template(for blogs using classic template)
  4. Add this code in between <head></head>: <link href='yourURL/atom.xml' rel='alternate' title='Name of Feeds' type='application/atom+xml'/>
  5. Tag me on the "Chatroom" to inform me that your website/blog is ready to support our new functions!
Additional Content: Suitable Colour(and its shades) to be used in this template:
  1. White
  2. Cyan
  3. Yellow
  4. Red
  5. Light Green
  6. Bright Orange
  7. Faint Pink
Friday, 19 June 2009

☏The Message☏

Published by Leroy Lim under , on 9:59:00 am
War efforts are under way for a few weeks now and many are starting to doubt the feasibility of war.

Then at this dark times, came a message from the Elemental Realm:

This is Grandmaster from OZ). Abyssia Army reached E.Gates, will try to buy time
The message is not very detailed and had caused some sort of commotion on its reliability. Nevertheless, this message was leaked out by the Voluntary Intelligence Branch which stole the message from its intended recipient.
Which means that we have actually no permission to publish this publicly but we were getting bored from the silent press, which were revealing nothing.
However, case in mind, there's another possibility, this could just be the first part of the message. Like I say, this is all guesswork but one thing's for sure, or so we hope, war is upon us.

The signs are clear, even without the latest retrieval of the secret message, tribes are gathering arms, sparking some sort of arms race. Whether it was out of fear of the Abyssia Army or the fear of being outgunned by other tribes, war will ignite sooner or later. The crisis now is about whether a war occur between the tribes or a united voice against the looming Abyssia Army.
Sunday, 7 June 2009

Build Vers.

Published by Leroy Lim under on 3:16:00 pm
  • Change of Template Layout.
  • Removed several redundant sections.
  • Improved "|->>Navigation Menu<<-|", it will no longer be on the same layer as the entries and the background, causing it to overlap. It is now placed on a higher level layer than the rest. The "Hide Menu" Function is still available to prevent text blockage for smaller screens.
  • Improved "---Link Highway Web---", it now support Favicon icon preview for selected sites. It also states when the site was last updated for selected sites.
  • Merged Sections
  • "Best Viewed in" Image removed as it is no longer needed.
  • Navbar hidden from sight, it is now placed 30px above the searchbox. (Sad to say...)
  • Removed several code snippets(that is not needed for the website to function)
  • And much much more!!!

In-line with Combineset's 10th Birthday, we're changing our website's layout design(yes, like finally..)
Like Combineset, this website has changed much since its creation with this latest change, we're moving from the notebook theme to LightHouse Theme to SunRay Theme.
Together with the Combineset Expiry Board, the websites get a major makeover with better functions and hopefully faster loading times!

Of course, I will have to thank those who beta-test the layout beforehand, they helped in making this change a success! ^^

Lastly, I, on the behalf of Combineset.co, thank you all for the support for the past 10 years!!!
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