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Friday, 13 October 2006

Updates 2006 Report....

Published by Leroy Lim under on 1:13:00 pm
More information will be at Forum-of-Unrest™
Now just simply put the wrong password and voom!, we are on a expressway to the forum-of-Unrest™!!!!!

What's more?
1.The new job is coming out, "VIP™"(Virus-Impaired Person).More info will be at Forum™ but the full info and specs will be at this website.The disadvantage is that you don't have levels but you will a "legal hacker" for The Game, Combineset©.This is applicable to only newbies and not people who completed their World 1.
2.The temporary server has been sat up in forum-of-UNREST™ to allow people who are not in the same school as me to play The Game, Combineset©.But there is a slight flaw, you only receive your reply after I log in.Sorry for this inconvenience.
3.Never mind that as we are now going to continue with our progress in the game-making after we completed the annually report cards!!!!!

Yours sincerely
Leroy Lim
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